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Rihanna enhances the beauty of the most classic of Rolex models with her style

Rihanna enhances the beauty of the most classic of Rolex models with her style

In addition to Rihanna, deserving of special attention among others: Aaron Rodgers who has found his lost Zenith and Luka Doncic with his latest Royal Oak.

Shall we have one more reason to be Rihanna fans? Watches have become an integral part of her pregnancy journey. When she announced last January that she was pregnant, she wore one of Rolex's rarest and most unusual models, the pointed King Midas, inspired by the Parthenon temple of Athena in Greece. The fact that the specimen in question is featured on my Instagram feed a year later is no coincidence. Last month, during the Super Bowl halftime show where she showed off her baby bump, she wore a Jacob & Co. Brilliant Skeleton Northern Lights. This week, Rihanna while in Los Angeles with A$AP Rocky sported a completely different timepiece: a Rolex Day-Date. 

The Day-Date has never looked cooler, an effect Rihanna has on most of the clothes and accessories she wears. Notoriously associated with presidents such as Lyndon Johnson, the Day-Date clearly benefits from the stylish touch adopted by the star. Instead of hiding it under a dress, she flaunts it alongside her own tattoos and baby bump peeking out from under her Loewe crop top. The stainless steel sports watches have become models to wear on any occasion, able to go from everyday to formal wear. Rihanna argues that we should actually do the opposite: wear dress watches while running daily errands. Rolex is Rihanna's favorite brand, in particular she has a real fondness for the Day-Date. This model, featuring a gold case and champagne-colored dial, seems to have been a piece in her possession for several years. Photos circulate of her courtside during NBA games wearing a similar-looking watch. Obviously Rihanna can afford to accumulate as many Day-Dates as she wants. She also owns a rare rose gold version that is distinguished by its "Oyster" bracelet. The Day-Date is so closely associated with her standard "President" bracelet that almost everyone knows the watch by this nickname. 

Daniel Kaluuya's Vacheron Constantin Overseas chronograph. 

Kaluuya's watch combines two inescapable elements. The first is Vacheron Constantin, a brand that has never missed a red carpet-just remember last week's Oscars for proof. The second is the chronograph with an inverted panda layout, that is, a black dial with white counters. Collectors look for vintage watches with the same layout, and many modern pieces, such as this Overseas, have adopted that style. Vacheron is known for its more elegant watches, but some sports models are equally famous and sought after.

Aaron Rodgers' Zenith Chronomaster Sport.  

The most important words spoken during Aaron Rodgers' interview with Pat McAfee this week? "I have a ring and a watch." The timepiece mentioned is a Zenith Chronomaster Sport with a white dial and distinctive trio of multicolored subdials. It is a pleasure to find such a distinctive model on Rodgers' wrist, as he told GQ's Yang-Yi Goh that he lost it after the Packers traveled to London to play the New York Giants last season. "I looked in all the places I thought it might be; so, I'll have to look again at my house when I come back," Rodgers said.

"It's usually my everyday watch."

Luka Doncic's Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Doncic's Audemars Piguet is the kind of watch that is very rare to see in real life, but seems to be standard in the NBA. This is the third variant of the Royal Oak worn by Doncic, who already owns one in gold on gold and in white gold with a salmon-colored dial. Somehow, the blue-dialed white gold version worn recently is the most modest of the bunch. Doncic is currently busy trying to come back from injury to help the Mavericks clinch a playoff spot, which explains the reason for the new Royal Oak. When I am sick, I also browse websites looking for a new watch to buy to cheer me up. 

Jalen Ramsey's Hublot Spirit of Big Bang.  

New Miami Dolphin and legendary talker Jalen Ramsey introduced himself to his new fans with a Hublot Spirit of Big Bang. This is a watch with an unashamed character: massive, aggressive, and unafraid to hide from anyone. It is not even the most brazen version of the Big Bang, which is available in transparent yellow, orange, purple sapphire, and black ceramic, by far the most impressive version.

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