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Best dive watches under 1000

Diving watches undoubtedly dominate the watch world. Maybe it’s because we’re used to seeing them on the wrists of heroes throughout history and pop culture. After all, the naval historian Alfred Thayer Mahan once said, “He who rules the waves rules the world.” Power fantasies aside, dive watches are genuinely functional and versatile, tools, equipment and style in equal parts.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the 18 best diver’s watches under $1,000. Whether you want all the latest dive features or are just trying to look good on dry land, all priorities for buying the best diver’s watch under $1000 are represented.

Mido Ocean Star Red Bull Cliff Diving Ref. M026.430.17.041.00

best dive watches under 1000

As the name implies, Mido Ref. M026.430.17.041.00 is perfect for cliff diving. This watch was the Official Performance Partner of Red Bull championships in the field of extreme sports. You can go with it to reach the deepest ocean depth as the watch has a water resistance of 200m. For those who work in the office, the watch’s modern design will boost your confidence even as a table diver. Limited to just 500 pieces, this one is versatile for all professions with an affordable price tag of $970.

Dial Yema Navygraf Maxi dive watches under 1000

best dive watches under 1000

Yema produces luxury and refined French watches at reasonable prices. And, Yema Navygraf Maxi Dial offers high performance as a reliable dive watch (for $621). It is water resistant to around 300m. In the dark, the watch indexes and handsets on the dial and the markings on the bezel glow bright green. This one is strong and durable. It won’t leave scratches from accidental bumps. It is ideal for military and divers.

Shark 50 ATMOS Fumoso dive watches under 1000

best dive watches under 1000

Will you reach another point of depth? Rest assured, the Squale 50 ATMOS Fumoso will accompany you up to 500m below the surface of the ocean. It uses a helium escape valve suitable for saturation diving. This feature protects the watch from damage caused by trapped helium molecules. In addition, the watch is built with high quality materials: 316L stainless steel, sapphire crystal and leather strap. It won’t hamper your underwater activity due to its sturdy construction. This rare edition as one of Squale’s best dive watches costs just $879.

ORIENT MAKO XL dive watches under 1000

best dive watches under 1000

A 44.5mm heavy version of one of the Orient’s most popular designs, the Mako XL is an impressively beautiful diver’s watch for a remarkably low price. And better yet, its low cost – which would usually indicate a compromise in the form of a quartz movement – accompanies an automatic self-winding mechanism that keeps it going. It also features a day/date window, rotating dive timer bezel, shielded crown and a beautiful matching stainless steel bracelet. Even better, if this bright green isn’t your style, it’s available in a number of other colorways.

MWC COMBAT SWIMMER dive watches under 1000

MWC COMBAT SWIMMER dive watches under 1000

Don’t let the MWC pricing fool you; The Kampfschwimmer Military Dive Watch you see here is only budget-friendly in terms of cost. The quality and craftsmanship of this watch tells a very different story. Built for use by law enforcement and military personnel in cold and extreme environments, this is one of the toughest dive watches out there. It’s made of PVD-coated stainless steel, has a 24 jewel automatic movement, has a hacking function, has both military-grade 12 and 24 hour dial markers, and comes on a nylon NATO strap. And yes, the whole thing was built to mil-spec standards.


Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on the best diving watches? A reliable watch is a must for all surface and underwater explorers. We cannot breathe underwater. We cannot dive carefree without paying attention to the amount of breathing gas in the scuba tank. Then a reliable diving watch comes to the rescue. Divers need to know the time and depth of their reach below the sea surface.

Yes, you may have calculated such information using a dive computer. But to survive intact, a backup plan is necessary. It is always better to be aware of your surroundings and your needs. But again, it is quite difficult to choose one of the hundred options. Well you are in the right place to get the right thing. We have compiled a list of the 7 best diving watches under 1000 for you.

What Makes The Best Dive Watches?

Many brands are constantly producing new and reliable diving watches. The watches are undoubtedly satisfactory for military personnel, professional and recreational divers. There are some important points to remember according to the ISO 6425 standard.

The best dive watches for men must be at least 100m water resistant, clearly legible in total darkness, and a digital time indicator or one-way time bezel with markings every five minutes. In addition, the watch must be resistant to thermal shock, magnetism and corrosion.

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