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Elisabetta Canalis in Milan with kickboxing champion Georgian Cimpeanu: new love after Brian Perri?

Elisabetta Canalis in Milan with kickboxing champion Georgian Cimpeanu: new love after Brian Perri?

According to the weekly magazine Chi, the former showgirl and the sportsman had dinner together and then went to the palace where she is staying. Is he behind the crisis with her husband?

First the alleged crisis, now an alleged new love. Elisabetta Canalis is back in the news. Rumors, not yet officially confirmed, have been circulating for some time about the end of the love affair between the former showgirl and her husband Brian Perri. Now, a new sentimental chapter seems to be opening in her life. The showgirl, in fact, was photographed by the weekly Chi in Milan in the company of Georgian Cimpenau, 29-year-old kickboxing champion. Galeotto between the two, it may have been the passion for the same sport. Which, according to the weekly magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, may have given way to something more.

Elisabetta Canalis arrived in Milan to attend Fashion Week. In between fashion shows, however, she spent time with the world kickboxing champion. "After a dinner together they entered the same building and stayed there for hours. The rumors of a crisis with husband Brian Perri are thus confirmed," Chi reports. Specifying that the two took different cabs so as not to arouse suspicion in the eyes of the most curious. Then, however, they entered together in the building where she is spending her Milanese days. A meeting, therefore, ended in private. And the thought can only go to the recent rumors circulated about Canalis' marriage in crisis. Could Cimpenau be behind the showgirl's alleged farewell to Brian Perri?

It seems, in fact, that the former showgirl and her husband are increasingly distant. Love with the American surgeon, with whom she got married in 2013, would no longer be the same.  On her social profile, he is now virtually absent. The couple's last post dates back to last August. Then, the showgirl dedicated her Instagram posts to her daughter Skyler Eva born seven years ago, her work and her passion for sports. Of Brian Perri not even a shadow. And this detail raises more than one suspicion. Although the couple has always kept the sentiment away from gossip, in fact, over the years there has been no lack of social dedications of love and selfies together. Now, however, his social absence could be the first hint of a love that has come to an end. 

Not only that. She often travels alone and keeps returning to Italy: nostalgia for her origins? For love, in fact, Elisabetta Canalis moved to Los Angeles, but she has never hidden the desire to one day return to her country. A decision she may definitely make once her marriage to Brian Perri is over.

And then come the stolen shots in the company of Georgian Cimpeanu. In the middle, of course, there could only be kickboxing, a sport that Elisabetta loves and has been practicing for years now. But are all these clues just coincidences?

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