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Elisabetta Canalis, family walk with husband and daughter (and inseparable dogs)

Back from her vacation in Italy, the showgirl was immortalized in Los Angeles with Brian Perri and baby Skyler while walking their four-legged friends. "They are the most serene and stable part of life," she said a few days ago from the Olbia kennel. "They don't make you feel alone and they love you no matter what."

"Having a dog helps us be more sociable and pushes us to exercise daily." In early August, in a long post on social media, Elisabetta Canalis enunciated the benefits of having a four-legged friend by her side. "They are the most serene and stable part of life, they don't make you feel alone and they love you no matter what," she wrote on social after visiting the Olbia kennel.

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Having archived her vacation in Italy and returned to the United States on a permanent basis, the showgirl was immortalized on the streets of Los Angeles with husband Brian Perri and baby Skyler Eva, just as they were walking the dogs. The shots show Zoe, the German shepherd, Meghan, the black pinscher, and Nello, who was adopted right from the Olbia kennel more than two years after the passing of her beloved Piero.

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From his name came the account i Pieri, which collects photos and memories of the dogs of the Canalis household. "You have to think carefully before getting one," is Elisabetta's warning. "Dogs get dirty, bark and destroy shoes and furniture in the first months of life if you don't have the patience to teach them to stay in the house. Dogs grow up and need to walk every day. And, if they get sick, they need a vet."

The list of responsibilities goes on, emphasizing that dogs are not "puppets for children." An important lesson that the Sardinian model is passing on to her daughter, seven years old to be turned in September: by the way, this summer, mom and daughter spent fantastic days between Liguria and Sardinia. Today here they are back in California, with dad Brian and their inseparable four-legged friends.


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