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Elisabetta Canalis in cowgirl version sends followers into ecstasy

Elisabetta Canalis, in a cowgirl on the road version in Southern California and Texas, enchants her followers.

Camperos, shorts, top and wide-brimmed hat. Elisabetta Canalis’ video in cowgirl version sends her followers into ecstasy. The former “Striscia la Notizia” tissue, who now lives in Los Angeles with her husband Brian Perri and her daughter Skyler Eva, is off on a road trip in a trailer in Southern California and Texas.

Elisabetta Canalis in cowgirl version

“A minute of silence for all twenty-year-olds who felt cool until a few minutes ago!”, she reads in the comments to the short clip. «Madonna what a girl and I say it as a straight woman !!!», she still reads her scrolling. Below the video there is a succession of emoticons with fire. “Okay, then maybe teach us how to get to your age like this”, “Are you sure she’s not alien?”, “Her majesty”, “Beautiful to feel bad”, “Infinite”, “Illegal”, are other utterances of admiration.

For the former tissue, time has stopped

Time, for the Sardinian showgirl, seems to have actually stopped. Also thanks to constant training, which you often show on Instagram, where you box or practice pilates. Elisabetta Canalis has managed to maintain a 20-year-old sculpted body and a face on which the signs of her 43 years of age are not noticeable at all. Under her video, as also happens in the other contents she publishes, the tenor of the messages is more or less the same: «Timeless», «Devastating», «World», «Practically perfect», «Rare beauty», «Magnificent ».


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Sources: Oggi


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