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Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022 with the Kalush Orchestra: “This victory is for the Ukrainian people”

The band took the top spot by beating the UK and Spain. In the end, he did it. Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 with the Kalush Orchestra and the song Stefania. With 631 points – 192 from the quality juries, 439 from the televoting – it won the Turin edition beating the United Kingdom and Spain.

An announced victory, which saw the country – under the bombs since last February 24 – arrive at the top of the odds even before the race began.

Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022: the message of the Kalush Orchestra

Dedicated at first to the mother of the singer Oleh Psjuk, Stefania soon became an anthem for all mothers in the world. A hymn, moreover, of this Eurovision, which had the arduous task of giving centrality to music, despite the difficult weeks that Europe is going through.

Ukraine made their debut in the first semi-final, which aired on Tuesday 10 May. It was clear from the start that Kalush Orchestra had all the credentials to beat the competition from the other 39 competing countries and easily reach first place. On the evening of the final, at the end of the performance, Psyuk launched an appeal to help the Ukrainian people and Mariupol.

A short, direct, no-nonsense message, above all predictable. A message, however, that could have led to the disqualification of the country, since the Eurovision regulation prohibits taking political positions. The yellow, however, was resolved shortly after the passage of the Kalush Orchestra. The appeal is to be considered of a humanitarian and not a political nature.

Like the 20-second video that Zelensky posted on Instagram: an invitation to Europe to vote for the Kiev band.

So Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022, and on paper it will be able to prepare to become host country in 2023. Regardless of where the 67th edition will be held, it is a victory that goes beyond the mere musical aspect. In this regard, Gabriele Corsi, immediately after the award ceremony, defined it “a signal that Europe is sending to everyone and that goes beyond music. The piece is beautiful, but the signal is very clear.” He then concluded: “Music unites, wars are not fought in the name of peace. We will find our way home even if the roads are destroyed. Hopefully next year to do a Eurovision there, in Ukraine. This is the sound of beauty». According to Cristiano Malgioglio, it is a victory “that comes from the heart”.

“You deserve it,” was Alessandro Cattelan’s comment. «They are all up, they are all having fun, they all want peace. Music is peace, this is the sound of beauty ”, concluded Laura Pausini.

Oleh Psyuk: “This victory is for the Ukrainian people”

With the crystal microphone in hand, the frontman of the Kalush Orchestra thanked those who voted. “Thanks for supporting Ukraine. This victory is for the Ukrainian people!” he exclaimed.

Although Ukraine was destined to win from the start, the fight for the top spot was a tough one. The competition, in fact, was very high, thanks to the excellent performances of the United Kingdom and Spain, competing respectively with Sam Ryder (Space man) and Chanel (SloMo), who finished second and third. Italy, on the other hand, did not go beyond sixth place with 268 points. A good result, perhaps undermined by the imperfect performance of Mahmood and Blanco, which partially weakened Chills.

Author: Michael Zippo
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Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna

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