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Leonardo Di Caprio: new flirt with a 19-year-old girl?

Leonardo Di Caprio, new flirtation with a 19-year-old girl?

The movie star was seen together with Eden Polani, a very young Israeli-born model. Raining criticism on Twitter, "Someone explain to me what a man nearing 50 has in common with a 19-year-old."

Leonardo Di Caprio's love life may be nearing a turning point. The Hollywood star, 48, seems to have a new love. It is Eden Polani, an Israeli-born model who is only 19 years old. And it is precisely the "detail" of age that has unleashed the people of the web. Who did not spare comments about the actor, yet another very young girlfriend and the age difference.

Leonardo di Caprio and Eden Polani: is it love?

The movie star and the model were seen together on January 31 at a party for the release of Ebony Riley's new EP. The two were standing next to each other, and one image was enough to start the rumors circulating: was a new love born? According to PageSix, an authoritative gossip page of the New York Post, representatives of the two reportedly denied rumors of a love story. "They were simply sitting next to each other at a party along with many other people," they say. Yet rumors about this alleged new star system romance have already made the rounds on the Web. But for a very specific reason: her very young age.

Eden Polani is a full 29 years younger than the movie star. Of course, this is not the first time that loves have been born in the entertainment world that defy age difference prejudices. Yet, this time, Di Caprio's alleged new flirtation did not leave followers indifferent. "Di Caprio's new girlfriend is so young that her high school experience was interrupted by Covid-19," reads one of the comments. "There is a dog that is older than Di Caprio's girlfriend," wrote one user, referring to the famous dog Bobi. And, again, "Someone explain to me what a man close to 50 years old has in common with a 19-year-old girl?" asks one user. And there are those who point out that the very young model was not even born when Titanic, the film that contributed to Di Caprio's success, was released in 1998. 

All of Leonardo Di Caprio's ended loves

It is a troubled love life that of Leonardo Di Caprio. After his love with Gisele Bundchen ended in 2005, he was linked until 2011 with Israeli model Bar Refaeli. Then, after a brief flirtation with Blake Lively, he was steady with model Camila Morrone from 2017 to 2022. She was also very young: in fact, she was born in 1997. Their love story ended last summer. Blame it on the years difference? The most recent flirtation attributed to him is with Gigi Hadid. How old is she? As old as 27.

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