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Johnny Depp against Amber Heard, the star’s lawyers bring in James Franco

Amber Heard, after declaring that Johnny Depp “almost killed” her during her honeymoon on the Orient Express because he was jealous of James Franco, had to admit – due to a video brought to court by the ex-husband’s lawyers – that the night before she filed for divorce the actor had been to her house …

New twists follow one another in Johnny Depp’s libel trial against Amber Heard (with a $ 50 million claim). After a series of hearings in which the two protagonists have fed the world the gruesome nightmare wedding background of violence, blood and degradation, now all eyes are on James Franco, who would have had an affair with Amber Heard. at the time of her marriage to the actor from Pirates of the Caribbean, at least according to what Depp has said in the past.

In the court of Fairfaix, Virginia, Amber said that her ex-husband “almost killed” her in 2015, during her honeymoon on the Orient Express, precisely because she had learned that she had been offered a role in a film. with Franco (the two shot the thriller The Adderall Diaries together): “He shook his hands around my neck against the wall of the wagon for a long time, I thought he could kill me.” Now it is Depp’s lawyers who bring up James Franco, who among other things just last December was in all the newspapers for having admitted after years of silence that he had a sex addiction, that he had sex with his students of the cinema class and having cheated on all his girlfriends, except the current Isabel Pakzad.

Johnny’s lawyers say Amber invited Franco to her house the night before she filed for divorce. Just 24 hours after an altercation between her spouses which – according to her – had caused her a black eye. To prove this, Depp’s lawyers played a video recorded by a security camera in the courtroom on the evening of May 22, 2016. The video shows Amber and James Franco together in the elevator at the Los Angeles penthouse of the former Heard-Depp couple. : at a certain point he leans his head on her shoulder, and she seems to do the same. Then they get out of the elevator together. Heard in front of the jury confirmed that the man in the video was James Franco. And she admitted that she invited him to her house. The next day, May 23, 2016, she filed for divorce from her Depp.

Amber said in the classroom that she and Franco, who at the time lived in the same building as her, were simply “friends”: “she lived in the apartment next to mine, and at that moment I really needed friendship” . But Depp, the actress continued, “accused me of having a secret relationship with him. She hated, she hated James Franco». The video shown in the courtroom, however, according to Depp’s defense would serve to plead the $ 50 million libel suit against the Aquaman star. Depp is suing her ex-wife, demanding $ 50 million in damages, for an op-ed in the Washington Post in which she accused her of domestic abuse without ever citing him directly. The trial, which began on April 12, is continuing. And however it turns out, he’s sure to be remembered as one of Hollywood’s goriest.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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