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How a photographer can start to value his time and not waste it on routine work

How a photographer can start to value his time and not waste it on routine work

There are many components to being a photographer, and one of them is post-processing and retouching. It doesn't matter how high-end technique you shoot with, you can't give your client "raw" photos. The process of working on photos is quite monotonous, it requires attention and diligence, and it takes a lot of time. Several solutions allow you to avoid this waste of resources: AI-based services, collaboration with a retoucher, use of filters, or modern web applications. One of the most effective and popular is


Advantages and disadvantages of working with artificial intelligence

AI-based services have spread quickly because they have several advantages:

  • affordable price;
  • high processing speed;
  • large selection of programs and sites.

But the disadvantages of such editors are very weighty:

  • there is not always the possibility of piece-by-piece or, on the contrary, batch payment;
  • AI needs to explain in great detail what result you expect, and even this does not give a guarantee of success;
  • typical errors in image generation, from which the customer is not immune.

If we talk about simple programs and sets of filters, they are not suitable for use by professionals, because they process the image very superficially.

Maybe you should hire a retoucher?

Photographers with a large flow of orders are often willing to sacrifice part of their earnings to pay an outsourced designer. This is advantageous from the point of view that you are always open to proposals for shoots, you are freer to manage your time, and you are not tied to the monitor most of the time. But such a partnership also carries risks: deadlines may be disrupted through no fault of your own, and even with a large number of orders for photo shoots, your income will still decrease.

RetouchMe Pro: profitable and high-quality

RetouchMe Pro service is devoid of all the above-mentioned disadvantages: you hire a team of experienced retouchers at an affordable price to process a single photo or a whole package of materials.

Working with RetouchMe Pro provides several advantages.

  • Excellent processing quality. Retouching is done manually, so there can be no program errors. If the order is not completely clear – the client will be asked clarifying questions so that the result is guaranteed to satisfy him.
  • High speed. The service works 24/7, so you can turn to it both with urgent orders and with large photo sessions.
  • Confidentiality. Photographic materials are not transferred to third parties, are not used for personal purposes, or are not posted on the Web. Immediately upon completion of the work, all original files are deleted.
  • Reasonable price. The cost of processing one photo starts from 50 cents, which is much more favorable than cooperation with one permanent retouching specialist.
  • User-friendliness. The service is very simple in its functionality: it is enough to upload images and voice your wishes for further processing.

All this makes RetouchMe Pro a suitable option for both basic correction and deep processing of photos. Save time and money while getting great results.

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