Fedez and the lesson to his son Leone: “Memories are the most important thing we have”

The rapper gets excited after making a collage with many family photos taken with the Polaroid and explains to his 4-year-old son that the most precious treasure are the good memories.

A house that empties, another that is filled with memories. Chiara Ferragni put her house in Los Angeles up for sale and brought to Milan some of the objects she collected over time in California. Among these also a series of shots taken with the Polaroid. An ideal opportunity for Fedez to create a collage of happy moments that he knows so much about nostalgia.

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Reviewing the family images, the rapper got excited. The birth of his daughter Vittoria, the extravagant parties and disguises, the photos taken by the eldest son Leone. Fedez embraces the wall where he made his small photographic work and takes the opportunity to impart a small and tender lesson to his son: "You will understand when you grow up, love, that these are the most important things: good memories".


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A skit posted on Instagram that ends with the 4-year-old boy who, at the invitation of his father, goes to take mother Chiara Ferragni by the hand and brings her in front of the collage, making her too excited. On the other hand, in recent weeks, Fedez has shown how love for his family is one of the fundamental aspects of his life. The closeness of his wife after the discovery of pancreatic cancer and the joy of returning home after the surgery to be able to hug the two children again are there to testify.

In the recent press conference to launch the new project with J-Ax, friend and colleague found after years of being away, Fedez explained that his priorities have changed: "When you face experiences of this type, you realize that one of the objectives you give yourself is to watch your children grow up. Here, this thing gives you a different spirit".

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