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Brad Pitt is the proud owner of one of the best watches of 2022

Brad Pitt is the proud owner of one of the best watches of 2022

The new Vacheron Constantin 222 has become the most popular model among celebrities.

Last year Brad Pitt went wild on an unprecedented red carpet. For the promotion of the film Bullet Train, he hired and collaborated with Haans designer Nicholas Mott, who made him a series of bewitching and exciting custom suits: linen dresses and skirts made in fun colors such as plum and melon. Unfortunately, for watch enthusiasts everywhere, these looks almost never featured a timepiece. Now Pitt seems to want to make up for it in a big way. This week he was seen sporting the Vacheron Constantin 222, in the new 2022 version, one of my absolute favorites. 

Nor is this the only fancy specimen Pitt has given us over the month. At the Golden Globes the actor wore what appears to be a Patek Philippe World Timer on his wrist. The Italian Watch Spotter believes they have spotted a gorgeous white-gold Patek Philippe with reference 5130/1G: I hope they are right. Although recently seen with other brands, a Breitling representative confirms that Pitt is still their ambassador and will wear one of the Swiss company's pieces in Wolves, his next film alongside George Clooney.

However, if you're starting out in high-profile collecting, the 222 is a no-brainer. This absolute gem debuted in 1977 as part of the wave of luxury sports watches that included the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. At the time of its release, the world was not yet ready for the 222: only 1,700 men's examples were produced before it went out of production in 1985. No doubt, the choice made the watch even more rare and desirable over the years . Since it was re-released at last year's Watches & Wonders fair where nearly every major watch manufacturer showcases their new creations, the 222 has been a favorite of celebrities such as Michael B. Jordan and Jeremy Allen White. Now Brad Pitt has also joined the party.

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Is there a more versatile watch in the world than the Omega Speedmaster? Need a timepiece to help the first astronauts land on the moon? Here's a job for the Speedmaster! Want a model perfect for parading the red carpet while promoting the third and final chapter of a stripper franchise? Yes, the Speedmaster works perfectly. At the premiere of Magic Mike's Last Dance, Tatum wore a deluxe version of the Moonwatch with a dark green dial.

Bad Bunny's Patek Philippe reference 3995

It's only late January, but I doubt we'll see many more beautiful watches than this one during the rest of the year. Earlier in the week Bad Bunny showed up at a Lakers game wearing a very rare, different, and definitely attractive vintage "women's" Patek Philippe. Nor is this the first vintage women's Patek admired on Bad Bunny's wrist: last spring he wore a lovely Ellipse in a GQ photo shoot. The image of Bad Bunny and his Patek went viral as one of his Internet hits: first on Dimepiece, then in a recent talk at the Miami Beach Antique Show by John Reardon, Patek Philippe expert and founder of Collectability. Reardon attributes the choice of Bad Bunny to the resurgence of 1990s style and the neo-vintage watch movement that is bringing many hitherto little-regarded examples into the limelight.

Schwarzenegger's Rolex GMT-Master II

Schwarzenegger's sturdy forearms make the GMT, normal on another wrist, look really tiny. Nevertheless, this gold model has remained a favorite of Arnie's over the decades . Observer Nick Gould dug up some photographs of Schwarzenegger wearing the same model 46 years ago, back in 1977. Unlike muscular action stars, the GMT never ages!

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Pharrell's Richard Mille RM 88

If the song Happy were a watch, this is what it would look like. The Richard Mille is an example of aiming for the top. Despite its sugary, fun appearance, no expense was spared. The sweet flamingo is made of red gold, and gold is used for every element of the cocktail; I would love to see a bartender do that! Of course, the huge central smiley is also made of gold. Such fun does not come cheap: the sale price of the RM 88 is 1,200,000 euros.

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