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Alice Rohrwacher returns to Cannes with a tribute to freedom

The director of Lazzaro Felice meets the public at the Cannes Film Festival, she talks about the cinema that formed her, the next film and the strength of the seventh art. In Cannes with the short film “Le pupille” you tell us that the burp started with a pink cake …

Alice Rohrwacher meets the audience of Cannes 75 after having enchanted them in recent years with her Le Wonders and Lazzaro Felice. The occasion is the presentation of her short film Le Pupille di lei with Alba Rohrwacher and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, also at the festival with Marcel! Jasmine Trinca’s debut feature! and with Les Amandier in competition.

The short, by Disney, co-produced by Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón (Rome) in collaboration with Esperanto Filmoj and Carlo Cresto-Dina by storm, focuses on the Christmas holidays and on a group of little orphans left alone with four nuns during the war. It all started with the image of a pink cake and many pupils watching it enchanted and from a letter that Elsa Morante sent to her friend Goffredo Fofi to wish him a Merry Christmas.

The pupils, a film about freedom

“A film about pure desires, freedom and devotion, about anarchy that can flourish in everyone’s mind within the rigid boarding school – said the director – Obedient girls cannot move, but their pupils can dance the dance. unleashed of freedom “.

“I love the pupils, it has always excited me to think that we all have little girls inside our eyes, rebellious little girls who can open, close, grasp things, dance and even when the body cannot move, be free”, explains Rohrwacher to the audience. of Cannes.

Alice Rohrwacher, Bertolucci and Godard

“The film that completely stunned me when I was little is Jean-Luc Godard’s Until the Last Breath because I saw it at a time when I had not yet understood that cinema extended beyond the story – she explains – Then I remember the twentieth century by Bernardo Bertolucci, our father often looked at him at home. There I understood that the great epic also exists, not just the narrative ».

Cinema is politics

«Cinema is political, especially in the staging – the director is convinced – like poetry. I believe that where the cinema helps you to think for yourself, it is a place of awakening. Cinema has a very important political power, especially in an era in which we are frustrated by images “.

«At the cinema we have the opportunity to enter another’s gaze – she continues – for this reason I feel a great responsibility to make a film. The seventh art is an incredible mirror, a school of life that changes the way we look at the world ».

The next movie? On archeology

After the sharecropping told in Lazzaro Felice, Alice Rohrwacher throws herself, for the next film, on another difficult subject, archeology. “Looking back for us human beings is a way to look forward, towards the future – says the director – Even this film I’m working on carries with it the same concept: taking a step forward looking behind us”. Alice is halfway through filming and we can’t wait to see it. Maybe at the next Cannes Film Festival.


Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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