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Zoë Kravitz says goodbye to some tattoos: “I won’t need them after 30”.

Zoë Kravitz says goodbye to some tattoos:

In an interview with "GQ", actress Zoë Kravitz explains what her tattoos mean to her and why she had a tattoo on her middle finger removed.

Zoë Kravitz can now count several tattoos on her skin. There are so many, if you look at them as a whole, they could resemble a constellation. In an interview with "InStyle" from 2021, the actress, who was last seen on screen in the role of Catwoman, told us that tattoos are an accessory for her, comparable to make-up and a good hairstyle. Her favourites? Small, minimalist tattoos that decorate the skin like delicate notes. And since her youth, the actress has collected quite a few of them. So it's perfectly normal that the now 33-year-old's tastes have changed and that she might not be behind one or two tattoos the way she used to.

Zoë Kravitz says goodbye to some tattoos

Covering the latest "GQ" US issue, the actress confessed to the magazine that she has now reconsidered many of the choices she made when she was younger – including the collection of tattoos on her body. When she turned 30, Zoë Kravitz realised that some tattoos no longer made sense and therefore had some of them removed with a laser. Among them was a small star that she got on her middle finger at the age of 18.

The importance of tattoos for Zoë Kravitz

However, this decision of the actress has not only something to do with aesthetics – or rather, not only with the beauty of her tattoos. As she said in 2018, even "ugly" tattoos have their own dignity because they show a piece of the personality and tell a piece of the life. Just like the experiences in life, some of them can thus be left behind after a while, forgotten and thus also erased from the body – a small scar unfortunately also remains here. 

Kravitz also told the magazine that she no longer wants to "romanticise" her age: "Sure, there's something romantic and exciting about saying, 'Oh, I'm grown up. I'll stay at home now, cook and bake bread. But then you do that for a few years and realise that you could actually get a lot more out of life." She has simply learned to think about who she is and what she wants.

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