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Top 10 Shows like Over the garden wall

Shows like Over the garden wall

List of best series similar to Over the Garden Wall (1950): Idlewomen, Bliss, Whale Lords, Episodes, A Young Doctor's Notebook, Guests from the Past, Ticket to Go, In Real Life, Me, Myself & Her, The Irish in London.

Drifters (2013)

A story about two girls who live in Leeds. In this show like Over the Garden Wall, heroines try in vain to find a job, but they constantly have no luck finding any suitable work. And the job hunt is the beginning of the adventures of Meg, her lovely cousin Bunny and faithful friend Laura. All the heroines have long understood that the reality around them is incredibly difficult, but the girls still believe that they can make their dreams come true. And in order to do so, they are willing to go through anything…

Episodes (2011)

Writers husband and wife Sean and Beverly Lincoln receive a tempting offer to do an American version of their successful British series. Full of hopes of a happy new life under the hot LA sun, they have no idea yet what the Hollywood TV show-making machine has in store for them.

A Young Doctor's Notebook (2012)

In the turbulent revolutionary times, young doctor Bomgard Vladimir arrived in a small village, where he began to treat the locals. In this show like Over the Garden Wall the protagonist of the series has a very difficult time, because he has to deal with the difficulties of his profession, as well as the constant superstitions of his patients.

Dead gorgeous (2010)

The three Ainsworth sisters – Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel – died tragically 150 years ago. The Ghost Council allows the girls, who died so young, to live a second life. They become living ghosts and return to their ancestral home. But now their home is occupied by an elite school for gifted children…

Noel Fielding's luxury comedy (2012)

Noel Fielding's surrealistic show captures layers of the fantasy world. Real and fictional characters, drawn and moulded from plasticine, come to Noel's coffee shop to create an unbelievable situation in each episode.

Error 404 (2020)

In this show like Over the Garden Wall detective Inspector John dies on a mission. Justice loses a brilliant fighter in his person, but the man's body ends up in an experimental programme where he is injected with artificial intelligence and brought back from the realm of the dead. But there is a nuance: the "new" John seems to have lost the lion's share of his professional skills.

The Bisexual (2018)

Leila is a 30-year-old American living in London with her girlfriend and part-time business partner Sadie. The couple have a seemingly perfect relationship and many years of life together ahead of them, but Leila is becoming increasingly concerned about her other side of her personality, which is attracted to men. Wanting to sort herself out, she takes a break from the relationship, rents a room from neurotic writer Gabe and begins to explore her bisexuality.

Sick of it (2018)

The protagonist of this show like Over the Garden Wall is Carl, a middle-aged man who has just been dumped by his girlfriend, forcing him to live with his elderly aunt. Karl's closest friend is the voice in his head, a misanthropic alter ego in the form of his double. The uncensored true version of Karl says what he really thinks without risking offending others.

This Country (2017)

The series follows the adventures of Kerry and Curtan, a brother and sister living in the small English village of Cotswold, trying to cope with both the typical problems of growing up and the all-consuming provincial boredom.

Back (2017)

After the death of his father Laurie, 42-year-old son Stephen takes over the family business, the John Barley Grain pub. His plans change when his adopted brother Andrew returns to town to rekindle his relationship with the family. In this show like Over the Garden Wall he quickly charms everyone in the family, but not Stephen. He sees him as a dangerous sociopath who is trying to steal his family, business and life.

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