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Tina Kunakey, Deva Cassel is also at the birthday party

Between Vincent Cassel’s second wife and his daughter Deva, born of love with Monica Bellucci, everything goes smoothly. This is demonstrated by the photos taken at the party with which the model has just celebrated 25 years.

All present at Tina Kunakey’s party. Between the second wife of Vincent Cassel and his daughter Deva, fruit of love with his first wife Monica Bellucci, there seems to be a beautiful friendship. This is demonstrated by the photos taken during the party with which the model celebrated 25 years. Among the guests there is also the seventeen-year-old Deva and in a shot the two girls pose side by side, accomplices and close-knit. An image posted on Instagram by both Tina and Deva.

The two had never appeared in public together before, and this had fueled rumors of mutual dislike. The new photo instead tells of a beautiful extended family. Despite her special bond with her mother Monica Bellucci, whom she resembles like a drop of water, Deva also seems to have a splendid relationship with her father’s second wife.

Vincent Cassel married Tina

Filed in 2013, after fourteen years, the marriage with Bellucci, from which he had Deva and Léonie, Vincent Cassel in 2018 married Tina and had a daughter: Amazonie, like the Brazilian forest, in French. Despite the age difference (he is thirty years older than her), the two are very much in love with her. This is demonstrated by the reciprocal declarations of love (also social) and also the new photos (see gallery below) taken at the model’s birthday party. In the shots shared by Tina, between dances, cakes and candles, there is also a very sweet still image of her and Vincent photographing each other. She with a disposable machine, he with a cell phone.

Michael Zippo
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Sources: Io Donna, VanityFair


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