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This self-tanner made Ryan Gosling Ken in the “Barbie” movie and here you store it

In the "Barbie" movie, Ryan Gosling as Ken looks like he's been in the Maldives for three weeks. But behind his glowing tan are not tanning sessions on vacation, but a very specific product.

As Ken, you should of course have the perfect complexion. That's why we're not surprised that Ryan Gosling relied on a self-tanner to work on his tan for the "Barbie" movie. And we found out which product was used to transform the actor into the iconic doll. 

The news that Ryan Gosling will be seen alongside Margot Robbie in the "Barbie" real-life film adaptation went around the world. So did the photos from the set showing the Hollywood star in typical Ken outfits. In the pictures, it was not only noticeable that he had his hair blonded for the role. No, his tan also immediately caught our eye. According to Kimberley Nkosi, the mega-production's tanning artist, Isle of Paradise's "Self Tanning Water" is partly responsible.

Ryan Gosling: This self-tanner turned him into Ken

The self-tanner that absolutely transformed Ryan Gosling's complexion is a clear water with high-quality and color-correcting ingredients. There we have oil from coconut, avocado and chia seeds. In other words, everything that is big in the beauty industry. The spray acts as a moisture booster and freshness kick in one, which is of course important when tanning. And you can look forward to a soon result with the beauty wonder weapon: After four to six hours, the tan including summer glow should become visible. So it can actually be so simple …

By the way, you don't have to worry after applying the spray to the whole body. The self-tanner does not stain. So there should be no stains on your clothes or bed linen with this product from Isle of Paradise. And when we see the mega-glow of Ryan Gosling in the pictures, we don't want to wait at all, but try it out directly. 



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