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The Weeknd: little dig at ex Bella Hadid during Coachella?

The finished (but never-ending) story between The Weeknd and Bella Hadid returns to be discussed after a controversial audio that the singer decides to have the Coachella audience listen to before performing.

It is no secret that the supermodel Bella Hadid was the inspiring muse of many songs on The Weeknd, with more or less veiled references hiding in the lyrics, not escaped the most attentive fans.

** Theirs was in fact an intense but troubled story, lasting from 2015 to 2019 … ** and just when we were giving up to leave it behind, as both are engaged in new stories, on the stage of Coachella, The Weeknd begins his performance in an unusual and controversial way, inevitably reopening the door of the past.

In fact, the singer, before performing in Moth to a Flame, plays the audience a private audio of a girl (presumably addressed to him) who says: “Hey, it’s me, I know it’s been a while but I was thinking of you and I I’m sorry for everything, I miss you. “

Theories abound

Theories abound: is it Bella? Is she just a gimmick to start the show with a bang and get hype? Are you another girl? Is it Ruth Radelet, former lead singer of the Chromatics? Is it another girl who plays a real audio of Bella by imitating her voice?

This was enough to shake the fans and the web but … The Weeknd wanted to overdo it and during the performance of the song Sacrifice he seems to have added: “I don’t want to sacrifice myself, you betrayed me”. Here too without naming names but it seems that his participation in Coachella is a sort of personal revenge on outstanding issues.

It’s hard not to think about the past when your new girlfriend is literally your ex’s ex-best friend, yes: The Weekend is with Simi Khadra, also present at Coachella in the crowd. For Euphoria fans, if the references to Bella were true, it would be like seeing Nate mulling over his past with Maddy in front of the whole school while Cassie assists in the audience. A little cringe or not?

Meanwhile, Bella Hadid seems to have found a new serenity with art director Marc Kalman and neither she nor The Weeknd have confirmed or denied the reference made by fans to Coachella. We await new developments, perhaps in a new hit!

Michael Zippo
[email protected]
Sources: IO Donna, Vanity Fair

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