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“The Climate Book”: Greta Thunberg does not lose hope

In her book, Thunberg has brought together more than 100 leading experts to help explain the profound crisis we are all called to face. But despite the distressing scenarios that are described, it is not too late for the young activist to act.

Greta Thunberg is back, not in the square, but in the bookstore, with “The Climate Book”, her new book on the climate crisis which, clearly, already promises to be a best seller.

The new book by Greta Thunberg

"The climate crisis is, of course, only a symptom of a much wider crisis of sustainability," explains the activist for the protection of the most famous planet in the world. "My hope is that this book can be a sort of essential reference for understanding these crises, which are distinct but also intimately interconnected."

In the book Thunberg has brought together more than 100 leading experts, including geophysicists and health experts, oceanographers and meteorologists, engineers and indigenous leaders, economists, psychologists and philosophers to help her explain the profound crisis we are all called to measure ourselves with. But the testimonies are by no means didactic, but told as compelling stories of change, action and resilience, amplified by effective graphics and photographs.

The worst problem? Greenwashing

And with them, the young activist shares her stories of discovery, demonstration and stripping above all of greenwashing around the world, revealing to what extent governments have kept in the dark about what was happening. There is still a lot of work to be done to find sustainable solutions to the climate and ecological crisis, but the most important is above all to connect all the elements together.

There is hope in the new book by Greta Thunberg

A plurality of voices that will serve precisely to see the problem from different points of view as it is fundamental according to Greta Thunberg. But which, despite the distressing scenarios that are described, keeps hope alive. "For me, hope is not something you are given, it is something you have to earn, create," the activist told the Guardian.

“It cannot be acquired passively, by watching and waiting for someone else to do something. The hope is to act and, only once we all have the complete picture, will we be able to do so ».

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Sources: ioDonna, Vanity Fair

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