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Tabitha Brown Net Worth

tabitha brown net worth

Tabitha Brown's journey from a struggling Uber driver to a renowned vegan chef and social media sensation is a testament to the transformative power of passion and resilience. Let's delve into the captivating life of Tabitha Brown, exploring her early years, career struggles, the turning point that sparked her viral success, and her impact on the worlds of veganism and entrepreneurship.

Tabitha Brown bio

The Young Years: Pursuit of Passion

Born and raised in North Carolina, Tabitha initially set out on a path in fashion design after high school. However, her burning passion for acting led her to make a life-altering decision at 19, dropping out of art school in Miami and moving to California. Hollywood, though, proved to be a challenging terrain, forcing her to take on multiple jobs to make ends meet.

Career Struggles and Hollywood Dreams

Between 2004 and 2016, Tabitha faced the highs and lows of an acting career. Trips back to North Carolina to care for her mother, coupled with financial struggles in Orange County, pushed her into odd jobs, including driving for Uber. These experiences, though challenging, would set the stage for a remarkable turning point in her life.

The Turning Point: Veganism and Viral Success

In 2017, a significant shift occurred in Tabitha's life when her daughter suggested she try a vegan diet for chronic pain relief. This decision not only improved her health but set the stage for a viral moment. A simple YouTube video of her reviewing a vegan BLT from Whole Foods catapulted her into the spotlight, eventually leading to her becoming a brand ambassador for Whole Foods.

Tabitha's story not only narrates personal success but also highlights the transformative power of a vegan lifestyle. Beyond improving her health, her journey has become a platform to promote a plant-based lifestyle to millions, making her a beacon in the world of vegan advocacy.

Tabitha Brown Net Worth Grows

Today, Tabitha Brown stands as an Emmy-nominated actress, social media personality, and vegan advocate with a remarkable net worth of $4 million. Her presence on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube has garnered her a substantial following, showcasing her influence in the digital realm.

From Acting to Entrepreneurship

While her dreams of a career in fashion design may have been left behind, Tabitha's entrepreneurial spirit shines through. In May 2022, Target launched the Tabitha Brown collection, featuring clothing, vegan food, and kitchen essentials. This expansion into entrepreneurship solidified her status as a versatile and influential figure.

The Personal Side: Family and Overcoming Challenges

At the age of 43, Tabitha shares her life with her husband Chance Brown and their two children, Choyce and Queston. The challenges she faced, including financial difficulties, navigating Hollywood, and health issues, underscore her resilience and determination to reinvent herself.

Is Tabitha Brown's Target Collection Out?

Although Brown ditched her fashion design career for acting, now that she has become a celebrity, she has also been able to add fashion designer to the roster of her many talents. In May 2022, Target released a Tabitha Brown line of clothing. The store also carries Tabitha Brown-branded vegan food and kitchen essentials.

A year later, in May 2023, an exclusive Tabitha Brown Target collection was released, with items starting as low as $3. The collection mainly included items designed for outdoor entertaining.

Does Tabitha Brown Have a Degree?

After building an incredible vegan-based business empire, Brown was honored for her contributions by Savannah College of Art & Design. Nearly 30 years after leaving college, Tabitha Brown has a degree under her belt.

Who is Tabitha Brown's Husband?

His name is Chance Brown.


What Made Tabitha Brown Famous?

Brown first gained momentum online in 2017 when she posted a viral video on Facebook raving about the TTLA sandwich from Whole Foods, eventually becoming a brand ambassador for the grocery chain. In 2020, she created a TikTok account sharing vegan cooking videos and inspirational pep talks, and her content took off. (Jan 12, 2023).

Does Tabitha Brown Have a Hair Care Line?

"Donna's Recipe" is a Hair Care Brand by Tabitha Brown.

How Long Has Tabitha Brown Been Married?

"This year, my husband and I will have been together 25 years and married for 20," Brown shared, receiving a round of cheers from the panel of hosts. "He is my best friend," she continued. "So being able to do Fridays with Tab and Chance with him is just a bonus for me." We've been together for 25 years, and we created this show to talk to you about what we've learned on this journey together. Every Friday you'll get our perspectives on marriage, family, love, and loss.


What Movies Did Tabitha Brown Play In?

  • A Stone Cold Christmas
  • All Between Us
  • Outrighteous (2008)
  • Princess of the Row (2019)
  • I Am Still Here (2017)
  • Laughing to the Bank (2011)

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