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“Stranger Things 4”, the beauty evolution of Millie Bobby Brown

The first part of the 4 season of the TV series is out today, Friday 27 May, on Netflix. The beauty evolution – from shaved hair to the new blonde look – of the protagonist Eleven. Eighteen years old in February, Millie Bobby Brown is the protagonist of the cult TV series “Stranger Things” arriving today Friday 27 May on Netflix with the first part of the fourth season. On the small screen since the age of 12, the young actress has changed a lot in recent years, becoming a true icon for the very young.

How? Thanks to her beauty line by her Florence by Mills designed to meet the needs of Gen Z, but also for her general approach to beauty and her chameleonic beauty looks.

Stranger Things 4, the beauty evolution of Millie Bobbie Brown

From the beginning of her career in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown has shown that she has character to sell, so much so that she herself chose – at 12 – to have her head really shaved in a scene from the Netflix TV series.

A choice that, as she herself stated in an Instagram post, was a revolutionary gesture for her growth: «The day I shaved my hair was the greatest moment of emancipation of my entire life. When the last lock of hair was cut, my entire face was uncovered, and I could no longer hide. The only image I had in my mind was the hope of looking at least a little bit like Charlize Theron in Mad Max. “

From brunette to blonde, the new hairlook with maxi bangs

For Millie, hair has always been a way to aesthetically tell her evolution and growth. That’s why she has experimented a lot with hairstyles, from very short to long, from androgynous to wavy and sensual. With the latest recent revolution, shown for the first time at “The Tonight Show”: a long, warm blond hair with maxi bangs.

The new hair color is the work of hairstylist Pete Burkill, who has always taken care of Millie’s style. The actress’s brown hair was lightened, leaving the shadow roots visible – as the trend dictates – and creating a warm and enveloping Californian-style color but enriches it with colder and platinum shades in the final part of the cut.

Florence by Mills, her skincare and make up brand

The use of make-up has also undergone an incredible evolution in Millie’s growth. Over time, in fact, the young actress began experimenting with make-up: at first light and innocent – suitable for her age and made up of bright glosses and eye shadows – then more and more adult and seductive.

His cosmetic line Florence by Mills has also evolved, at the beginning more focused on skincare, with vegan formulations suitable for the skin of the very young, and which today sees the inclusion of make-up references such as smoothing correctors, lip plumers, eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow palettes in ultra-pop tones.

The limited edition for “Stranger Things 4” by MAC

“Stranger Things 4” has even conquered MAC Cosmetics, so much so that the famous brand has created an exclusive limited edition for the launch of the new TV series, that is a make-up, eyes and lips collection that plays on the contrast between delicate shades and tones bold.

Half of the line is in fact declined in soft and delicate colors, to identify the “normal” world of Hawkins Highs; The other is gloomy and dark to transport you to the extradimensional world of the Upside Down.

All that remains is to prepare for the “Stranger Things 4” marathon and discover the new adventures of Eleven and Mike.

Written by Michael Zippo

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