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Top Shows like Virgin River

In an attempt to start a new life, nurse Melinda Monroe moves to the quiet Californian town of Virgin River. She soon discovers that the place is not as easy as it seems. Former Marine Jack helps her heal old wounds… So, let's see the best series like Virgin River!

Top TV series similar to Virgin River (2019)

List of best TV series similar to Virgin River (2019): Downton Abbey , Pleasant Trouble , Riverdale , Alex Ryder , Tyranny , Clumsy , The Secret Circle , The Fosters , Bartlett , The Unicorn.

Downton Abbey (2010)

1912. England. The heir to the title Earl of Grantham, living with his family on his ancestral Downton estate, dies on the Titanic. The family expects that now that there are no male heirs left, the family's estates and capital will pass to his eldest daughter upon the Earl's death. But the earl, who has devoted all his life to his estate, refuses to assert the rights of the young Mary, believing that everything, including his wife's considerable capital, should go to the heir to his earldom, an unknown distant relative…

Pleasant Trouble (2019)

Sisters Callie and Mariana start an independent life in Los Angeles. They have a new home, new friends, new activities and new hobbies. As they get used to their new surroundings, the girls face their first serious problems in their life journey.

Riverdale (2017)

The series follows the lives and adventures of cheerful and never-dull teenager Archie Andrews, as well as Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and their friends from Riverdale. Set in the modern world, the protagonists decide to explore the hidden side of a small, peaceful town with all its quirks and dark secrets hiding behind its festive facade.

Alex Ryder (2019)

When Alex Ryder learns that his uncle died in the line of duty and that he was an English spy (and his death was not the result of an accident, despite what Alex has always been told), things change for the otherwise ordinary teenager. He is approached by Alan Blunt, head of the secret branch of the MI6 secret service, and told that Alex has already been trained to work in the world of the Knights of the Cloak and Dagger. Forced to investigate the circumstances surrounding his uncle's death, as well as his connection to the murder of two billionaires, Alex reluctantly takes up the case and goes under a different name to the mysterious Point Blank public school in the Alps.

Tyranny (2010)

After a mysterious experiment, young artist and mathematician Daniel McCarthy begins to see strange images which, according to Daniel, show him the future. It is not a rosy picture and humanity is in for a global crisis. Daniel is the only one who can change the situation…

Clumsy (2011)

Schoolgirl Jenna Hamilton really wanted to get attention. Her wish comes true when a clumsy bathroom incident makes the whole school think she tried to kill herself. Now on top of her unnecessary reputation as a suicidal schoolgirl, she has to cope with the everyday problems that accompany teenage life.

The Secret Circle (2011)

After the tragic death of her mother, high school student Cassie Blake moves in with her grandmother in the small town of Chance Harbour. It soon becomes clear that Cassie's return to the town where her mother was born and raised was no accident – it turns out that Cassie is a hereditary witch, and the young witch clan just lacked a sixth member to gain full power. But why didn't her mother ever tell Cassie about her and her powers? What tragedy 16 years ago robbed each member of the Secret Circle of a parent? And what are those of the older generation of witches who have survived? The Secret Circle has many secrets…

The Fosters (2013)

A multicultural family with two mothers raising their own and adopted children.

Unicorn (2019)

A close-knit group of best friends and family help Wade cope with the loss of his wife. Meanwhile, busy raising his two teenage daughters, he decides to start a new personal life.

Dallas (2012)

The next generation of the Ewing family – cousins John Ross Ewing and Christopher Ewing – will face off in the struggle for oil, in a family of businessmen with a huge fortune.

Americana (2021)

Young Ifemelu, originally from Nigeria, is in love with her classmate Obinze. They expect to escape the local brutal rule and leave for the West. Ifemelu ends up in the States, where she encounters problems for the first time because of her skin colour, while Obinze is forced to stay in London.

Firefly Street (2021)

Two women remain inseparable friends for four decades. Kate Malarkey, withdrawn and modest, has always been in the shadow of energetic journalist Tully Hart, which has not hindered their friendship, which has endured many trials.

Sex/Life (2021)

A suburban mother of two takes a trip down memory lane in her fantasies, where her family present collides with her carefree past.

Game of Thrones (2011)

Summer, which has lasted 10 years, is coming to an end. The inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms are facing the harshest and longest winter in history. Meanwhile, intrigue and conspiracy brews around the Iron Throne. At this troubled time, King Robert turns to Eddard Stark, Keeper of the North, for support. In a world where all strive for power, betray each other and kill each other, there will be room for love and nobility. Difficult times will come for the Stark family. Previously large and close-knit families will be scattered across the globe. In the turmoil, no one notices as true Evil awakens in the wild frozen lands. And only the Wall separates the living from the dead.

Superman and Lois (2021)

After years of fighting villains, Clark Kent and his sweetheart Lois Lane decide to settle down and live a normal life. However, once they have children, they realise that being young working parents isn't so easy.

Mother (2013)

Christy, a single mother who tries to make a life for herself in Napa Valley.

Husband for Hire (2013)

After her husband disappears at sea, Griselda is determined to keep her family on their feet by becoming a "handyman" in the domestic service industry. Hard-working and humble, Griselda takes pride in her work, proving that she can have a decent and happy life without compromising her own values. One of her sons meets the daughter of Teresa Christina, a rich, elegant and arrogant woman. Teresa Cristina is horrified at the prospect of being tied to a lower-class woman in marriage, causing her to never miss an opportunity to humiliate Griselda, though Reynaldo, her husband, constantly rebukes her for it. After unsuccessfully buying the same lottery over the years, Griselda's fortune smiles on her and she wins…

Who's Who? (2015)

A story that tells of twin brothers separated at birth and separated by different paths, who will meet again many years later. Ironically, the brothers will swap places, leading to complex but often comical situations.

Bridgerton (2020)

The story of eight friendly siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family as they try to find love.

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