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Series and Shows like Snowfall

Shows like Snowfall

America in the 1980s, when cocaine was freely available on the streets. At that time there was a real boom in such drugs. Three people turned out to be the protagonists, they live in Los Angeles.

An ordinary street tramp Jerome, well known gangster Gustavo and a guy from a respectable family Leon. All of them have only one thing in common – powerful white powder. An epidemic on the addiction has broken out among the locals.


Narcos: Shows like Snowfall

Show like Snowfall

The life story of the famous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobare. He was born in a poor Colombian town and from his youth he was involved in the criminal world, stealing and racketeering. Quite quickly he built up his criminal network, and his criminal authority grew more and more. But his real success in the underworld came when he took up the drug business. Escobaré became involved in shipping cocaine to the United States from Colombia, where the drug was available in large quantities…

Narcos: Mexico

Marcos Mexico - Shows like Snowfall

Show like Snowfall

The 1980s is the heyday of cocaine business in the Americas. In Mexico, the most powerful drug dealer of that time was Felix Gallardo – head of Guadalajara Cartel. Felix brought together many people involved in the illegal business to build a "cocaine empire". A DEA agent, Kiki Camarena, is put in charge of catching Gallardo. With his wife and son, Camarena moves from California to Guadalajara, and soon begins his pursuit of Felix…

Pablo Escobar, The Drug Lord

Shows like Snowfall

Shows like Snowfall

There is no other man on the planet, in whose hands was concentrated so much vice and evil. Pablo Escobar wasn't appointed the enemy of all mankind for nothing, and the intelligence agencies haven't stopped hunting him for years. They did not even want to arrest him anymore – they just wanted to destroy him, but he was caught. However, the power of money played in favour of the richest and most influential drug lord. And he began his terrible way Escobar, as a simple fighter of the drug cartel. 

Jett (2019, Shows like Snowfall)

Jett: Shows like Snowfall

Professional thief Daisy Jett Kowalski has recently been released from prison. She'll have to return to her dangerous trade again, as that's exactly what the formidable crime bosses want.

The Sopranos Clan (1999, Shows like Snowfall)

Sopranos: Shows like Snowfall

The everyday life of the modern Godfather: his thoughts are impetuous, his actions decisive and his humour black. North Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano successfully copes with the problems of "The Family". But his own family is a bit screwed up: the kids are out of control, the marriage is in jeopardy, his mother is nagging. He hopes for help from a psychiatrist, but how can he tell him about all his problems if he is bound by the Omerta – a vow of silence, which cannot be broken on pain of death?

The Black Donnellys

The Black Donnellys

Show like Snowfall

Incredible adventures, true stories, life's hard situations – that's all waiting for the main characters of the series. The four Donnelly brothers treasure each other's lives, even though they have very different characters and attitudes about the world around them. They were born into an ordinary working-class family in Ireland and have no wealthy relatives to help them get along in life. But fate has brought the brothers into the world of crime in New York. This is no place for wimps, so the Donnelly brothers find it very difficult to …

Coyote (2021 Show like Snowfall)


Ben Clemons has spent 32 years as a border guard between Mexico and America. As Ben becomes more deeply involved in the life on the other side of the wall, he becomes aware of his own limited perception of the world and the extent to which he falsely divides it into black and white.

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