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Best shows like Outlander

Based on the novel of the same name by Diana Gabledon, Alien was very well received by our audiences. The story is about a military nurse Claire Randall, who survived the horrors of World War II, but instead of returning to a quiet and peaceful life, she accidentally finds herself in eighteenth-century Scotland. The plot goes on to see her desperately trying to return to her time, but various people, events and so on prevent her from doing so.

9 shows for those who like Outlander series

While fans of the series eagerly await the sequel, here's a selection of TV series to replace it.

By the way, here's a little teaser for season five from the set.

Vikings (TV series 2013 – …)

Shows like Outlander

Ragnar is a simple Viking who eventually becomes King of Norway. Endless Viking raids and battles are intertwined with Scandinavian mythology, all well seasoned with explicit scenes, treachery and intrigue. This is a fantasy and historical drama at the same time, which will appeal to fans of both genres.

Poldark (series 2015 – …)

Ross Poldark returns home from the war to find his father dead, a drunken servant living happily in his house and his ex-fiancée engaged to another. Of all the variety of historical series, this one is sure to hook the viewer with its interesting storyline and unconventional characters.

Shows like Outlander

The first few episodes may seem a bit slow, but then, once the main characters are introduced and the plot is mapped out, the action develops rapidly and unpredictably.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (TV series 2010 – 2013)

Shows like Outlander

Another adaptation of the story of Spartacus, the gladiator who led the rebellion against the Romans. In this series you will see a lot of blood, even more explicit scenes, intrigue, drama, betrayal and everything like that. If you haven't seen this series yet, now might be the time.

Rome (TV series 2005 – 2007)

In this series, the main characters, Lucius Varennes and Titus Pullo, are also real people. And it is worth noting the detailed and accurate depiction of the era and culture, the way the ordinary life of the Romans, their military art, sacrifices, traditions and much more is shown.

Shows like Outlander

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled after two seasons, but the high audience appreciation and positive reviews confirm that the series is worthwhile.

Black Sails (series 2014 – 2017)

The series is set 20 years before the events of Robert Stevenson's novel Treasure Island. The narrative centres on Captain Flint, who becomes one of the most formidable pirates of the 18th century.

Shows like Outlander

The series unvarnishedly shows the cruel face of piracy, while adding dashingly twisted plot twists, love lines and anything else that might appeal to today's bored viewers.

Scary Tales (series 2014 – 2016)

Shows like Outlander

A gothic tale with detective and mystical elements. The idea of a series about vampires and other evil spirits roaming the streets of Victorian London sounds great, but bringing it to life is obviously a challenge. The era and atmosphere is beautifully recreated here, thanks to the art direction and visuals. Also, the brilliant cast is nothing short of impressive.

The White Queen (mini-series)

A mini-series based on the novel by Philippa Gregory (known for her novel One More of the Boleyn Family). The story of three women vying for the English throne in the 15th century. The plot is relatively close to real events, which I think many viewers will enjoy. The War of the Roses in England is an unhackneyed theme in cinematography, so it's interesting to dive into the events of that time and take a fresh look at the history, familiar to many people from school textbooks.

Shows like Outlander

Bonus: at the recommendation of a reader, I'm adding another bonus series The Spanish Princess (mini-series 2019 – …). The story of young Caterina of Aragon, Princess of Spain, who arrives in England to become the wife of Prince Arthur.

The Kingdom (TV series 2013 – 2017)

Shows like Outlander

Queen Mary of Scotland grew up in a convent, but her time has come to become queen and wife to Prince Francis. For him, marriage is a way to strengthen his political clout and bring him closer to another country, while the protagonist really falls in love with her fiancé. It's a fascinating series in which you'll find a bit of soap opera and melodrama, but no historical authenticity. So if the facts are important to you, it's better to skip it.

The Tudors (2007 – 2010)

Again a historical series which doesn't exactly follow the actual events, but is nevertheless a good drama focusing on the early life of King Henry VIII.

Shows like Outlander

Unlike the history books, Henry VIII is not portrayed as a solid and well-fed monarch, but as a young, handsome and viciously handsome man, who throughout the series cannot make sense of his own relationships with his wives, mistresses, children and friends.

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