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Best series and shows like Euphoria – 2023 update

What to watch if you liked Euphoria? Season 3 doesn't come out until 2023, so we've picked up a few shows to help brighten the wait. Many films and series have been made about teenage issues, but it was Euphoria that exploded in 2019, becoming the most explicit and topical series about Generation Z. Returning home from rehab, seventeen-year-old Roux goes to school, where she and her peers face far from childish problems: addiction, abuse, bullying, webcam, violence.

So, here are the best series like Euphoria to watch in 2022-2023.


Comedy, drama | 4.07 out of 5 | 1 day 22 hours 5 minutes

кадр из сериала Молокососы

A group of British teenagers from Bristol are nearing graduation, but still can't grow up and just enjoy life to the fullest: constant partying, casual sex, drugs and other entertainment that all young people can't wait to try. At the same time, they all have their own problems they are trying to cope with: unrequited love, realising their sexual orientation, eating disorders, mental problems, teenage pregnancies and much more.

"Oh these Brits with their silent and awkward frankness😁 The total debauchery and moral decay of youth is presented right in all its glory, and it's always interesting to watch. Who amongst us hasn't gone on a binge at the age of sixteen? All the most depraved beckons more than ever, and the lower the better," chch93.

"The first few episodes don't drag on, but then you can't tear yourself away. A wonderful series about teenagers growing up and getting smarter. The first generation is rightly the best," – Neznakomka_Kau.

"Imagine it's a documentary. Each character's life is good and bad in its own way (depending on which way you look at it). Each one has their first experiences with something, their first mishaps, their fun days with friends or just THE LIFE OF AN ADULT. I think this series is great" – Julie_Fox.


Comedy, drama, family | 3.94 out of 5 | 7 hours and 24 minutes

кадр из сериала поколение

High school students from Orange County, Southern California, try to figure out who they are as they fall in love, start dating, explore their own sexuality and test their deeply held beliefs about life, love and family.

"It's been a long time since I've seen a quality and honest, true-to-life teen series," Darzzle.

"Didn't like the series at all in the beginning, the characters weren't great, the storyline wasn't happy, it felt like the writers were deliberately trying to be epathetic rather than because they liked it, but the further they went on, the more they delved into the characters and developed good drama, the final series is excellent and well shot. I'd like a second season…" – EmilD.

"Reminds me very much of a mixture of the not infamous 'Euphoria' and Luca Guadagnino's recent terrific work 'We Are What We Are'. The characters are very vivid and interesting. The action is very measured, but it's curious to watch," _procrastinator_.

Grand Army

Drama | 3.98 out of 5| 8 hours 1 min.

кадр из сериала Великая армия

Five teenagers attend Grand Army High School in Brooklyn. The boys try to cope with the various issues they face every day: racism, bullying, rape culture, violence and sexual identity. The series is inspired by the 2013 play Slut: The Play, which was written by the show's creator Katia Cappiello.

"It's a great series. Hooked. It reminded me in some good ways of the shooting style of my very favourite Friday Night Lights – unadorned, unglamorous, hyper-realistic, maybe even too much at times. It's uncomfortable where it needs to be, the rape scene and all the aftermath – in places there were just no words. But there are some bright moments. Like life," Rielsey.

"Very strong, very sad and very enlightening! Unreal atmosphere, incredibly hard to watch, but also very cool!" – lithiumks.

"Very lively series. Good to see brand new actors, especially with such interesting looks", – LiveForever.


Drama, Detective, Crime | 4.36 out of 5 | 1 day 9 hours 37 minutes

кадр из сериала элита

Samuel, Nadia and Christian are three students from ordinary working-class families who receive a scholarship to attend Las Encinas, an elite public school. They don't fit in at all with their wealthy classmates but gradually make friends. Soon one of the female students at Las Encinas is murdered and all the students fall under suspicion.

"Bummer, this series is just something! I haven't felt this much emotion in a long time!" – mudblood1991.

"Didn't expect and even surprised that I liked the series. Took me right in. Couldn't tear myself away from the third episode. Like all the characters in their own way, how did they manage to do that! Absolutely all of them! Some of them you like, some of them you care about, some of them you find annoying in places, but you like them all." – id215829905.

"Well, when I started watching it, I didn't expect to linger and enjoy it so much! The intrigue is there, the actors are likeable, the characters are interesting, the music is delightful and the denouement is unpredictable." – aggressivebitch.

We Are Who We Are

Drama, Detective | 3.79 out of 5 | 8 hours 22 minutes

кадр из сериала Мы те, кто мы есть

14-year-old Fraser, along with his two mothers who serve in the US Army, moves from New York to a US military base in Italy. Fraser is a shy introvert, but when he starts befriending the more confident Caitlin, who has been living here for several years, the young man begins to change.

"It's beautiful. It's real. Incredible. Wonderful audibly, beautiful visually. I'm a little jealous of those who will watch it from the first episode to the last once. In one immersive experience. There are tears and smiles and feelings and warmth and tenderness and pain. Well I can't describe this work in a less pretentious and pretentious way," hard2kilI.

"It's the strangest series about teenagers and growing up that I've ever watched. But how much I liked it! And what a finale! It's heartfelt," murzik23.

"I had already made the mistake of recommending it to the wrong people. It is very measured, a little strange (i mean, the action takes place on an American military base in Italy, how unusual is that?), and in principle the plot does not have a lot going on in it. I personally really liked it for the non-trivial characters and the calls for reflection and also for the soundtrack, which even I couldn't resist paying attention to! Thank you Luka for another work of art that will forever stick in my soul 💛" – LiveForever.

Cruel Summer

Drama, detective, thriller | 3.93 out of 5 | 8 hours and 27 minutes

кадр из сериала Жестокое лето

The project is set in the 1990s. Beautiful and successful high school girl Kate goes missing, and afterwards awkward outsider Janette, who seemingly has nothing to do with the incident, becomes first the most popular girl in town and a couple of years later the most despised person in America.

"I can't remember the last time a TV series evoked such conflicting emotions and feelings of amazement at the twists and turns in the plot. Everything is cool, well thought out. I didn't have high hopes for this series, but it surprised me," – Rassel22.

"Really enjoyed the series and I'm glad I started watching it after all the episodes had been released.
From the last series, I came to love it at all. <…> All the characters in the series are so ambiguous and their development and mysteries were interesting to watch. I hope the plot for the second season will be on the same level" – SergONix.

"I really enjoyed the series. Both the gist itself and the way it was filmed over the years, it was very interesting to watch. The storyline is all interesting, watched in the same breath" – Jeronimo.


Drama, Romance | 4.35 out of 5 | 19h 28 min.

кадр из сериала стыд

Ava, Nura, Vilda, Chris and Sana are high school friends at Nyssen Norwegian school who encounter real adult difficulties for the first time. Each season tells the story of one of the characters, focusing on different issues: religion, acceptance of self, attitudes towards food, sexual violence and more.

"Great ending to the series. Of course, it's sad to part with characters I've had time to become attached to, but that's about the kind of ending I was expecting. Despite all the drama in the episodes, the series shows us what true friendship and love should look like. That said, it doesn't try to show a perfect world where absolutely everything is fine, and that adds to its realism," Who_Sherlocked.

"Great series! Absorbed all four seasons in a couple of days) The seasons don't need to be watched individually, just one after another, step by step. Otherwise, what's the point? The characters' characters are gradually revealed, despite focusing on a different character in each season."-Pilot.

"The presence of silent scenes is only to my liking, the series is not overloaded with events, the dialogues don't go one after another and it all makes the happenings closer to reality. Special thanks to the creators for the gorgeous music," – evaravel.

Written by Michael Zippo

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