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Sharon Stone and all the other stars over 60 showing themselves au natural on Instagram

60+ divas are among the most active in posting photos and videos of their faces on social media without the reassuring cover of make-up. They do so with ease, inspiring a liberating gesture.

At 64, Sharon Stone exudes the charm of the self-conscious and self-assured woman and on social media she is not at all afraid to show her face for what it is: that of an over-60s woman with very well-groomed skin, but physiologically marked by wrinkles and small sagging. Yet, watch the Hollywood actress having her face licked by one of her beloved pooches and tell us if she doesn't look stunning with her fresh, authentic beauty and no trace of make-up.

The liberating power of the selfie without make-up and deception, speaks the psychologist

It has to be said that the path to gaining the self-esteem necessary to show oneself on social platforms without the help of make-up, editing and various filters is often long and bumpy. And not only for famous women: for all of us. Camouflaging dark circles, spots, wrinkles and various imperfections always seems like the easiest way, but over-60 stars such as Sharon Stone teach us that being seen in a no-make-up version is the most liberating. A kind of self-therapy to indulge in once in a while. Psychologist and psychotherapist Elena Benvenuti confirms this: 'We spend our whole lives obsessing over diets, anti-ageing treatments of all kinds, and so on and so forth. The truth is that it seems impossible for us to show others our most human and vulnerable side, the one that coincides with a less than perfect face, which will have its small flaws, its signs of time, and perhaps carry traces of the pain experienced throughout existence. Posting on social media even a single photo of yourself for who you are, without veils, is an act of courage that is good for those who do it, first and foremost. Because accepting oneself is the first real step towards self-realisation, towards a life lived to the full, without remaining victims and prisoners of the need to be appreciated, loved and pampered by others. For example: watch this video of the icon of beauty and charm Isabella Rossellini and tell us if she doesn't seem like a woman free of all diktats. At 70, her happiness coincides with taking care of her animals with a soapy, watery face and work saloons. 

Here, then, are some of the courageous and charming stars over 60 who have entrusted social media with wonderful no-make-up portraits.

Written by Michael Zippo

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