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Scout Willis and dad Bruce’s illness: “his vulnerability and the great affection that surrounds us”

The daughter of Bruce Willis "overwhelmed" by the support of friends, colleagues and fans, in front of the news of aphasia and the actor's withdrawal from the scene: "The love, the positive energy and the prayers sent to my father have deeply affected, I still cry ».

The farewell to the scenes of Bruce Willis, announced and explained via social media at the same time by the women of his family, has shocked Hollywood and beyond. Words of support and friendship came from the actor's colleagues, from fans and from all over the world of cinema. A reaction that Willis' own family did not expect.

The actor's daughter, Scout Willis, explained it well on Instagram, in a very strong message that arrives in the aftermath of the announcement of the disease – aphasia, a cognitive disorder that affects the ability to understand and use language – and which reflects precisely on the support received universally in front of the news.

"Yesterday it was surreal to be sharing something so personal," writes the girl accompanying a photo in which she is sitting in an armchair in her father's arms. "Reactions to sharing one's vulnerability with the world are always an unknown factor. I trusted in love and compassion, but I would never have expected the amount of deep affection our family received yesterday. The love, the positive energy and the prayers sent to my father have affected me deeply and I still cry as I write these words ".

Among other messages, very touching was that of John Travolta, who had shared the set of Pulp Fiction with Bruce, and who wanted to remember the deep friendship that binds him to the actor. "Years ago, Bruce told me, 'I want you to know that every good thing that happens to you makes me happy as if it happened to me.' It is the demonstration of the great soul of this man. I love you, Bruce, ”he wrote.

Even Matthew Perry, the Chandler Bing of Friends, who had worked with Willis in a few episodes of the series, and in FBI: Witness Protection, described him as "the coolest man I've known in my life. You will remain in my prayers for a long time ».

And then Jamie Lee Curtis, Dean Norris of Breaking Bad, and Haley Joel Osment, the child of The Sixth Sense, who called him "a true legend": "I am very grateful to him", he wrote, "I wanted to express respect and the deep admiration I have for Bruce and his family as they carry on courageously. '

In the face of all this support, Scout wanted to express her feelings of gratitude: «I am grateful for your affection and also for having heard what my father means to you. Thank you all for your messages and your words of comfort, it will take me a long time to reply to everyone! "

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Sources: vanityfair

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