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Paige Spiranac, the sexiest woman in the world confesses: ‘For two months too much harassment, this is not how it should go’

Paige Spiranac, American golfer and influencer, was named the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim magazine last month and we show her to you in our gallery. Not everything is gold, however, what she glitters, because the beautiful Paige has confessed in an interview that she has been receiving various attentions beyond the limits for a month now.

"I've been dealing with security issues for a while and in the last couple of months the situation has gotten worse and worse. I'm starting to feel like I'm living in a bubble, and it's something I've never experienced before. I don't know who. there is out there, who follows me, who harasses me. It shouldn't be like that! "

Maxim magazine named her the sexiest woman in the world, but golfer Paige Spiranac is now afraid to leave the house. In fact, there are too many episodes of harassment and stalking with which she found herself having to deal. Like what happened at the recent American Century Championship, where a fan of her threatened her after accusing her of cheating him for $ 10,000.

During the last episode of her podcast "Playing A Round", as reported by the NYPost, Spiranac explained that a fan approached her to ask for a photo, but the threats soon began: "Apparently, this 'man was scammed by a fake profile created by someone […] It was a very scary situation and luckily I had my team there, so I called my agent who tried to manage it ”.

It is not the first time that the golfer has faced a difficult situation involving "angry" and "hostile" male fans. "I've been dealing with these security issues for a while and things have gotten worse in the last couple of months. These men are being scammed by fake profiles, fake numbers […] and then they come to see me or contact me and they are very hostile, very angry because they have been scammed for a lot of money, or they think we were having an affair and that I am gone. And the scariest part is the fact that all these profiles are anonymous and it's hard to find out who these people are […] ”.

Spiranac explained that she has changed her social media habits to increase her confidence, especially when she is in public: “I have gotten to the point where I will go to events and not publish my position. I don't publish where I am […] because I'm so afraid that someone will turn up like what happened at ACC ". Also for this reason he declared not to leave the house much, just to avoid scary encounters with fans: "I'm starting to feel that I live in this bubble and this is something I've never really experienced before and I don't have the resources or the money. to always protect myself with safety ".

Earlier in July

Sporty, beautiful, very popular, successful: at 29, Paige Spiranac has everything she could wish for. The young American was one of the most promising golfers on the circuit, before retiring in 2016 to devote herself to the activities of a golf instructor and influencer, with 3.5 million followers on Instagram. "I wish I had played golf at a higher level and won more, but I wouldn't really change anything," she has said in the past about her choice of her.

But lately, clouds have gathered in Paige's sky so dark that they take her smile away. Where there was light, now she has known darkness and with this also fear. Last month she was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Maxim magazine, taking the cover of the July / August magazine. Inside there are other very sensual photos of the golfer. "I'm incredulous!", She wrote on social media, thanking the magazine "for this extraordinary honor".

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