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Nicole Kidman with “perfect body”: That’s why her new magazine cover just reaps a shitstorm

On the net, the new cover of "Perfect" magazine, which features Nicole Kidman in a bodybuilder pose, is being hotly debated and here's why. On Tuesday, August 23, 2022 the new cover of the British fashion magazine "Perfect" was published on Instagram. On it you can see actress Nicole Kidman looking at the camera with a bodybuilder pose and an orange wig. In the picture she is wearing a tight-fitting top and a short skirt that looks more like a wide belt. 

Not to be overlooked are her pronounced muscles in arms and legs, which are clearly revealed by the tense pose. Quickly, the new cover was analyzed and discussed by different tabloid media and on social media channels. The content of the story, the striking hairstyle or even the makeup immediately moved into the background, because the coverage was primarily about her body, which some media titled as "perfect". The slogan "We celebrate Nicole Kidman – The Perfect Icon" also caused some discussion. It is not entirely clear whether "Perfect" refers to the title of the magazine or the word "perfect.

Nicole Kidman: This is why the reports about her cover are so problematic

Adjectives such as "extremely well-toned," "insanely fit," "super athletic" or "very sexy" have been used to describe Nicole Kidman's body in the media. Statements that imply that a well-trained, fit or athletic body looks or should look exactly like this. Avoidable compliments, but they can trigger negative feelings in many people. After all, how "fit", "healthy" or "athletic" someone is is not automatically apparent from the appearance of their body. Even a person whose muscles are not visible or who does not have the weight of Nicole Kidman may well meet all the above points.

No one has the right to judge Nicole Kidman's body

In addition to the criticism of the coverage, the cover image itself is also strongly condemned on the net. The photo of the actress is said to be extremely edited, as wrinkles were retouched away and her fair skin was heavily tanned. Facts that may be true, however, so far only the cover image has been published, without any context to it. The interview with Nicole Kidman in "Perfect" magazine will be published on September 1, 2022 and it could be that the story will be put in a completely different light.

Written by Michael Zippo

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