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Miley Cyrus has been sued for posting a photo on Instagram

A snap of Miley Cyrus violated the social network's copyright rules, but she is not the only celebrity to have had problems with the platform.

Miley Cyrus knows that Instagram gives joys and sorrows. The singer is having more than a few quarrels for posting a photo in 2021 that does not comply with the social platform's copyright rules.

The case broke out after a post by the singer containing a photo taken by a paparazzo, outside a public event. Miley Cyrus allegedly posted it without referring to the author of the shot and this, according to the accusation, caused financial damage to the photographer who, therefore, decided to sue her.

We do not yet know how the affair will unfold, but this is not the first time that Instagram has become a source of problems for our celebrities. Take, for example, Kanye West: his account, in March 2022, was suspended for violating the platform's rules on hate speech and bullying. The period was that of constant posts, with accompanying death threats, directed at poor Pete Davidson. Since the rapper, despite requests from his ex Kim Kardashian, would not stop addressing the SNL comedian in an aggressive tone, Instagram had to take care of it.

Also having numerous problems with the platform was Rihanna whose account was suspended several times due to the publication of some nude shots. Obviously, these were photo shoots, including one for the cover for Officiel Hommes, but for Instagram it makes no difference: if you see a nipple on the horizon, then you run for cover. The beauty guru took it philosophically and joked about it with a couple of ironic posts.

The most striking case, however, is the one involving Rob Kardashian and Black China. We are well aware that the story between the two ended badly, but among the various pettiness and spitefulness they have been involved in are the nude photos posted by Rob. After accusing her of cheating, Kardashian saw fit to post private photos of the ex, which got him a two-year ban on Instagram and a $100 million lawsuit.

In short, if there is one lesson these celebrities have learned, it is to ponder very long before publishing a post. Some have figured it out, others much less so: for Kanye, the account suspension seems to have been just a trivial bump in the road.


Written by Michael Zippo

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