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Michael B. Jordan made us long to wear a leather jacket

Michael B. Jordan made us long to wear a leather jacket

From actors to fashion shows, the models seen on next summer's catwalks are many and all different.

Who can do without leather jackets? Be it a biker, a blouson, a blazer or a bomber jacket, this garment is an essential staple of every wardrobe, capable of elevating an essential look, but also of completing more daring choices with class. Even if we count it among the trends of the Spring Summer 2023 season, there is not a moment when this outerwear is not present, being what can easily be defined as an evergreen, perhaps among the most "ever" of all. Indeed, you don't need to go back to the 1960s and the Rockers to see numerous examples of leather jackets in the movies, on TV series, on red carpets and, of course, on the streets. More than just a seasonal trend, in this case, one can really speak of a clothing dogma, a mainstay of our wardrobes. 

Bomber jacket

We can start with the bomber jacket. Simple and no-frills, with an elastic band at the waist and one at the neck. So Prada comes to our rescue with its black leather bomber jacket, with a slightly used effect, teamed with a striped turtleneck in shades of green, short-shorts with a double front zip and cowboy boots for a look that screams Raf Simons. And which was also chosen for Rami Malek. Still on the subject of classics, we cannot fail to mention one of the masters of leather jackets: Hedi Slimane. For his Celine, he has proposed countless of them with and without embellishments, but always with that typical air of a cursed poet. One of our favourites is the one that recreates the model of the typical denim jacket, the trucker, but in black leather and matched with a total black look; not to mention the 'perfecto' a little over the top and worn over a beige shirt and classic jeans. The 2000s revival comes instead with Dolce & Gabbana who proposed a timeless aviator jacket in a muddy colour with maxi front pockets, visible zips and a worn effect. All completed by maxi belts and ripped jeans. More Dolce & Gabbana than this…

Not just classics

Not just classics though, in fact, the range of proposals for next summer also includes more eclectic options that certainly won't make you go unnoticed. Alyx, for example, has opted for an optical white and maxi embossed front logo for its biker-style jacket with a purist, futuristic design. While, on the other hand, the Egonlab duo formed by Florentin Glémarec and Kévin Nompeix, proposed a plunge into the past with a double-breasted jacket that evokes twentieth-century outerwear, complete with striped shirt and tie, but with mini shorts, also in leather. Colour is also an important variation on the theme, as demonstrated by Jordanluca who has dyed his biker jacket a bright green, characterised by a very large and relaxed volume, and then completed with lace-up lace-up shoes with a square toe and a lace-covered skirt. Closing this review of the season's most interesting leather jackets are two proposals by Jonathan Anderson at Loewe, also worn by actor Michael B. Jordan. A super-soft nappa leather overshirt in black or powder blue with an unmistakably logoed pocket, but also the puffer version of the leather bomber jacket (which has also gone viral on social media) with enveloping volumes, together with sporty leggings in rainbow dégradé and trainers in a patchwork of denim components. 

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