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Melanie Lynskey, new entry in “The Last of Us,” responds to social criticism

Melanie Lynskey, new entry in

The actress, who joined the cast of the HBO series, is considered on Twitter to be unsuitable for the role. "I have to be smart not muscular," she replies.

Melanie Lynskey won't stand for it: certain social comments deserve a response. The actress, who joined the cast of The Last of Us, an HBO series based on the video game of the same name, responded in no uncertain terms to those on Twitter who commented on a picture of her pointing the finger at one particular photo.

Melanie Lynskey enters The Last of Us

The New Zealand actress is the new entry in The Last of Us, a series starring Pedro Pascal as Joel. She plays Kathleen, a character with a very particular role in an apocalyptic scenario. But this very role, juxtaposed with a photo of her circulated on Twitter, sparked the back-and-forth between the actress and Adrianne Curry, winner of the first season of America's Top Model.

"I don't need to be muscular"

Here is the tweet with the social clash between the two women. In this image Melanie Lynskey looks beautiful and luxurious, wearing an elegant and soft dress that highlights her soft curves accompanied by a cape.

"Her body says life of luxury…not a post of an apocalyptic war," Adrianne Curry wrote on Twitter. Adding, "Where is Linda Hamilton when she is needed?" A clear reference to the famous Terminator character.

The actress' response was not long in coming. "First, this is a photo from my cover shoot for InStyle magazine, not a photo from HBO's The Last of Us," pointed out the movie star, best known for her role in Two and a Half Men. Pointing out, "I play someone who has meticulously planned and executed a Phaedra reversal. I'm supposed to be smart, ma'am. I don't need to be muscular. For that there are henchmen."

Too soft, short and curvy

The back-and-forth continues on Twitter, although some posts have now been deleted. According to Hollywood Reporter, not happy with the actress' response, in fact, Adrianne Curry points out that she does not find her the right choice to make the character believable.

"Too soft, short and curvy to play a lady of war in the midst of warrior men in a post-apocalyptic scenario."

Words to which Lynskey responded by specifying that the creators of the series sought for this character not "the coolest or toughest person," but the one with the best ideas in the midst of the devastated world depicted in the show. "I understand that some people are upset that I'm not the typical character for this role. But the most exciting part of my job is subverting expectations," she stressed. 

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