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Lily Collins: Her “Out of Bed Curls” are proof of how beautiful curls can look on the second day

The curls from the day before quickly no longer look so accurate the next morning. But actress Lily Collins shows that this can also have a particularly cool charm in a selfie video of her "Out of Bed Curls".

Who hasn't experienced it: you put a lot of effort into creating curls in your hair, then you have to go to sleep and all your work is gone the next morning. But that doesn't have to be the case, because a good night's sleep can give your curls a whole new look. Actress Lily Collins also loves her curls on the second day and therefore proudly presents her "Out of Bed Curls" on Instagram.

Lily Collins' "Out of Bed Curls": This is what her curls look like on the second day.

Currently, we are of course regularly checking Lily Collins' Instagram account in the hope that she will share new pictures from the shooting of the third season of "Emily in Paris". But now the actress surprised her followers with a selfie video of herself, or rather her hair. In the clip, she presents her "Out of Bed Curls", i.e. her curls after waking up. Without make-up and as natural as we know her, she smiles at the camera and turns her head so that you can really see her entire head of hair. "Morning hair all day, every day…" ("Morning hair all day, every day…"), she writes underneath. So it seems that not only we are fans of her natural curly hairstyle, but she is too.

Curls on the second day: the actress loves the hairstyle

If you take a closer look at Lily Collins' curls in the video, you will immediately discover that both sides do not look exactly the same. She has waves on one side and real curls on the other. This effect is certainly familiar to many side sleepers: the half of the hair you sleep on really doesn't look the same the next morning as it did the day before, while the other side has held up well. Of course, it also always depends on whether you move a lot at night or whether you sweat. We wonder which side Lily Collins slept on: the wavy or the curly one?

Refreshing curls after sleeping: here's how to do it

What is certain, however, is that the actress' curls still look great on the second day and have held up well overnight. In fact, we think the slightly tousled look is really cool – and totally understand why Lily Collins prefers to wear her "out of bed curls" like this every day and all day. But of course, curls in the morning don't always look like they do on the "Emily in Paris" actress. If you have curls that need freshening up the next day, you can reactivate them with a few simple steps. 

The easiest way to refresh natural curls is to wet them a little and then apply a product to the hair, e.g. a curl cream or a leave-in conditioner. If you have styled curls into your hair, you should take another quick look at your preferred styling tool. Strands that really don't look like curls any more can simply be styled again. This doesn't usually take much effort, but it has a great effect. And: really don't do so much, because the "out of bed curls" look wants to be maintained. 

If you want to prevent your curls from looking the same the next day as they did before you went to bed, you should choose a pillow with a smooth surface, i.e. silk or satin. This reduces friction and the curls remain intact.

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