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Lily Collins: Her “Birkin Bangs” from the new season “Emily in Paris” are THE trend hairstyle in autumn

Jane Birkin's famous fringe bangs are making a comeback because they're so beautifully cool and casual. The latest follower is actress Lily Collins, who in the third season of "Emily in Paris" wears exactly the trend hairstyle that we all want in the fall.

We love beauty and fashion nostalgia, and especially classic looks that have stood the test of time. That's why we're not surprised that "Birkin Bangs," inspired by actress Jane Birkin's iconic '60s bangs, are popping up again all over social media as one of the best hairstyle trends for fall. Most recently, especially because of actress Lily Collins, who also relies on the cool bangs hairstyle in the new season of "Emily in Paris" (get all the info here).

Lily Collins revives the "Birkin Bangs"

Finally, "Emily in Paris" enters a new round with its third season, and we can't wait to watch Emily Cooper master her life in Paris again. And most of all, we're looking forward to her new hairstyle, because in the series Lily Collins now wears bangs! Although this was not quite so unexpected, after the actress already showed herself with the new hairstyle on her Instagram account at the end of 2021 during filming, but on her character Emily Cooper, with her colorful outfits in the city of love, the trendy hairstyle looks even more different. And precisely because the series is set in Paris and Lily Collins' hairstyle in the series is so reminiscent of Jane Birkin's, the name "Birkin Bangs" says it all. 

That's why the "Birkin Bangs" are so iconic

Actress Jane Birkin was the ultimate influencer back in the 60s. The style icon was the inspiration for the iconic Birkin bag by Hèrmes, but perhaps even more famous was her signature wispy bangs, which became the hairstyle of her generation. A Londoner living in Paris, Jane Birkin combined her British cool-girl background with the effortless French style of her adopted city. As a result, she remains a muse for her chic beauty today.

Her bangs are famous for their flirtatious length that hugged the lashes and their texture that was softly cut with no harsh lines. Most importantly, the look looked a little messy. As if Jane Birkin had let her hair air dry and simply waved her fingers through it on her way out the door.

Styling "Birkin Bangs" à la Lily Collins the right way

Our top styling tip for "Birkin Bangs": invest in a good dry shampoo, because bangs can quickly become greasy because they sit on the forehead and are in motion and touched throughout the day. Otherwise, the "Birkin Bangs" live on their coolness and the "undone look". 

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