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Kristen Stewart: The actress is now back to brunette and wears this controversial hairstyle

Kristen Stewart said goodbye to her blonde hair and from now on she goes back to brunette and combines this "ugly" hairstyle with it.

The 90s have called and want their mullet back! So or so similar the comments that Kristen Stewart could now get to her new hairstyle. Because the actress has not only swapped her blonde for a rich brown, but has also opted for what is probably the most controversial hairstyle par excellence.

After the many hair experiments of the past few years, we have just gotten used to the actress' radiant blonde and relatively consistent haircut, when Kristen Stewart comes around the corner with a hairstyle surprise.

Kristen Stewart: That's why her hairstyle is so special

Change must be now and then and therefore the step from blond to brown is just with the beginning of autumn also a great idea. After all, what goes better with falling leaves than a rich dark brown? But it wouldn't be Kristen Stewart if she didn't top this decision with an extravagant hairstyle. After all, we've admired quite a few styles on the actress' head and hardly anyone combines a punky undercut with a classic Chanel two-piece as brilliantly as she does. But with this hairstyle we would not have expected now. 

In a snapshot that Kristen Stewart's fiancée Dylan Meyer now shared on Instagram, the approach of a mullet including micro bangs is clearly visible. This is underlined by the caption: "Accidental party on, Wayne." Because while Dylan Meyer with her blonde mane and black glasses looks like Garth Algar from the 90s series "Wayne's World", Kristen Stewart's look under the baseball cap is already very reminiscent of Wayne Campbell and his mullet.

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