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Kim Kardashian chooses the Blond Marilyn obtained in fourteen hours of treatment

Kim Kardashian switches to Biondo Marilyn in just a few hours. Behind a very fast bleaching process that can damage the hair if not carried out with great care.

Not only seven kilos lost in three weeks but also six months condensed into fourteen hours: for the Met Gala 2022 Kim Kardashian underwent a real grueling makeover. From dark chocolate, almost black, the celeb with 307 million followers moves on to Biondo Marilyn, tending to scandi in a very short time. A shade signed by her trusted hairstylist, Chris Appleton, and that after all the efforts to get it she decided to keep.

Kim Kardashian: Blond Marilyn in fourteen hours

As often happens to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kim Kardashian’s look has caused a sensation this time too. And not only because at the Met Gala 2022 she wore the same dress as Marilyn Monroe chosen to sing “Happy Birthday Mr President” at JFK in 1962 but because she underwent a real makeover to do so.

After losing 7 pounds in three weeks, she also abruptly changed her hairlook. From a brunette, in fact, Kim Kardashian has passed to a blond Marilyn tending to scand. Behind the drastic change, Chris Appleton, hair stylist Kim often relies on. All in 14 hours.


Is it possible to bleach hair, from dark to blond Marilyn in no time?

Kardashian herself told Vogue US that “she spent the whole day in front of the mirror to bleach her hair with a process that lasted approximately 14 consecutive hours”. But is it possible?

On average, it takes about six weeks, which is necessary especially if the starting shade is so dark.

The risks of a hasty discoloration

The bleaching is a process that acts directly on the natural pigments of the stem, lightening them completely. Rather invasive for the shaft, if not done properly it tends to ruin the hair making it more sensitive and with a tendency to break.

In addition to the health of the hair itself, the risk of speeding up the times as in this case is also that of interfering with the final result, involuntarily turning the shade towards reddish or straw blond. This is why the process is so long and other celebs, such as Selena Gomez or Billie Eilish, took a long time to switch to blond.

Author: Michael Zippo
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Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna

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