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Katy Perry throws slices of pizza to fans in the disco

During a performance at a Las Vegas club, the pop star began throwing large slices of pizza to the audience. The video went viral, causing many outraged reactions at the food waste. Overwhelmed by criticism on social media …

Ever since she became the face of a well-known delivery company, Katy Perry seems to have taken her role very seriously. So much so that she now enjoys throwing food to fans at the nightclub. That's right: the pop star of Roar was filmed a few days ago in a club in Las Vegas while she was intent on "serving" the crowd crowded under the DJ console by throwing large slices of pizza.

And to say that her fans have always appreciated her for her relationship with food. Katy Perry has never hidden that she is a lover of good food, while paying more and more attention to the line. A love transferred from the table to clothing.

On more than one occasion, the pop star wore dresses (bordering on kitsch) inspired by her favorite foods. In 2014 Katy Perry showed up at a party organized at the Philadelphia Museum of Art dressed as a slice of pizza, just to pay homage to one of her favorite dishes. In 2019, however, she paraded at the Met Gala after party in New York with a burger-dress. This time, however, she just seems not to have made the right choice.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]


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