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Kate Moss’ biopic: Everything we know about her special biopic “Moss & Freud”

Kate Moss' biopic: Everything we know about her special biopic

Kate Moss' life is to be filmed as a biopic – but one part in particular will be focused on. Everything we know about the biopic "Kate & Freud".

It feels like every two days we see news of a new biopic being made into a film. The criticism of most biopics is the same: how can you do justice to a star's life when they are no longer involved in the production of the film. How fortunate that in the case of the biopic "Kate & Freud", none other than Kate Moss herself is involved in the story, to tell her story in her own way and in her own words. The model will be an executive producer on her biopic "Moss & Freud". 

What is "Moss & Freud" about? 

This biopic will not be about the entire life and career of Kate Moss, but it will be about a very specific time in her life. In 2002, when Kate Moss was pregnant with her daughter Lila Moss, she sat as a model for the artist Lucian Freud. For nine months, the artist painted Kate Moss and accompanied her through her pregnancy. Three nights a week, the model had herself painted for a nude picture. The film will explore the relationship of Kate Moss and her artist Lucian Freud. 

The finished artwork sold for £3.5 million at a Christie's auction in 2005. 

"Moss & Freud" cast – who will play Kate Moss

The role of Kate Moss will be played by Ellie Bamber, who was last seen in "The Serpent" alongside Jenna Coleman. Kate Moss was thrilled when she got news of Ellie Bamber's casting. "I'm looking forward to the casting and to filming starting soon. I can't wait to see it." Artist Lucian Freud on the other hand will be played by Emmy winner Derek Jocobi. 

The biopic will be directed by Oscar-winner James Lucas, who has been better known for short films. Kate Moss commented, "Because this is such a personal story, it was so important for me to work with James Lucas on everything about the film." James Lucas started writing the script a couple of years ago and also went to Lucian Freud's studio himself for inspiration. Kate Moss herself was involved in the development of the script and makes sure that the story is told fairly. 

When will "Moss & Freud" be released? 

According to Kate Moss, the film will start shooting in February 2023 – which means it is highly unlikely that it will be released before the end of the year. We expect the film to be released in mid-2024 at the earliest.

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