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Jared Leto as a legendary fashion designer

The actor has always held Karl Lagerfeld in high esteem, and is now impersonating him in a new feature film in the making. He describes him as a 'creative powerhouse'.

Karl Lagerfeld was not only an all-round designer and artist, but a charismatic and inspirational personality who continues to fascinate the fashion world and beyond. Since his death, celebrations in his honour have never really ended, from writing books about his life to the latest exhibition announced for the Met Gala 2023. And now, a new film has also been announced, produced by one of his long-time admirers: Jared Leto.

According to WWD, the actor is collaborating with the fashion house to create a feature-length biopic in honour of the kaiser of fashion, in which he would also play the role. A desire to make a film about the fashion designer, which Jared Leto even anticipated to Karl Lagerfeld during their first face-to-face meeting: 'You know, one day I will have to play you in a film,' he said. The designer is said to have responded approvingly: 'Only you, darling, only you', marking a splendid memory for the actor and prompting him to believe in this project.

The film will be produced by Jared Leto and his partner, Emma Ludbrook, through their production company Paradox. "Karl was an artist. Full stop,' said Jared Leto, recalling not only his career as a fashion designer, photographer and artist, but calling him a 'creative powerhouse'. Although the plot of the feature film has not yet been made public, the work will delve into key relationships in Karl Lagerfeld's life, told through an "unpredictable lens": after all, in an artistic and human journey spanning more than 50 years, the ties with those who marked his evolution cannot but be an important thread in the narrative, conveying different parts of his incredible life, as well as his persona. 

Indeed, some of those who accompanied the legendary designer on his journey will be an essential part of the film's conception, from Caroline Lebar – Karl Lagerfeld's senior vice-president, image and communication – to Sébastien Jondeau, who spent two decades at his side as his personal assistant and bodyguard. Passing through the CEO of his maison, Pier Paolo Righi, who despite numerous requests from Hollywood, only now agreed to make a film about the designer: "It was when we met Jared Leto and Emma that we felt really confident that the story could be told in the artistic way that Karl would have wanted to see it. A project that hasn't even debuted yet, but already promises to be a must-see event."

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