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Instagram promotion with Proxies

Instagram promotion with Proxies

In 2023, Instagram is the sixth most popular social platform in the world. The platform is great for traffic arbitrage, selling services/goods and blogging. The key is to understand how to properly promote accounts on the system. To increase your opportunities and bypass Instagram's limits when promoting through mass activity, businessmen, famous bloggers and SMM professionals usually use proxies. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their page from temporary blocking and eternal bans.

Instagram is now a great tool for running a business, advertising your products or services, or promoting unique authorial content. There are a lot of nuances to be considered when promoting accounts and running advertising campaigns on this social network. One of them is the use of social media proxies, which is the subject of this article.

The benefits of proxies for Instagram profiles

First and foremost, it is important to understand that a proxy is an intermediary between resources and a user's device. It is a kind of simulation of your IP address, necessary to ensure anonymity and protection against blocking.

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is incredibly popular and new pages are being registered here every minute. Because of this, the developers have introduced a complicated moderation system: if the administration notices suspicious activity, it will block the profile in one click. And all your efforts, time, financial investments in the promotion of the account in Instagram will be wasted. The use of proxies makes it possible to minimize such risks. You should buy individual proxies when you need them.

Proxies for Instagram profiles

Changing geolocation

Logging into the same social network profile from different countries/regions falls into the "suspicious activity" category. This happens when the account owner lives in one city and the person in charge of content and PR lives in another. Instagram may take logging in from different devices as an attempted hack.

Promoting multiple profiles at once

Not only social media marketing specialists are engaged in such activities, but also companies are creating additional regional accounts in order to share traffic and attract the maximum number of clients. Proxies help to avoid being blocked for constantly changing pages.

Target audience parsing

Parsing is the mass collection of data about users according to specific parameters and a given algorithm. This is necessary for proper, effective ad customization. Parsing of potential clients is done with the help of special services and programs, which contradicts the rules of the platform and requires a proxy connection.

Auto-posting via online services

Instagram has a negative attitude towards third-party software designed to set up delayed posting (especially in conjunction with other services). There is a possibility of profile blocking by the system, which would consider such activity suspicious or suspect hacking. Changing IP using a proxy makes account logins harder to detect.

Automated promotion

Massfollowing, massfollowing and massfollowing not only increase affiliate income, but also help to earn advertising and actively promote key products/services. Instagram carefully monitors illegal promotion methods and bans such profiles, which means you can't do without a proxy.

Instagram promotion with a proxy server

How to choose a proxy for Instagram

When choosing a proxy, you should consider the reliability of your provider, as the quality of the proxy will determine the outcome of your social media promotion. You should not opt for blatantly cheap options if doing so compromises the quality of the proxy.

Private proxies

You should immediately discard free proxy lists that are freely published on the Internet. Such proxies will not be suitable for promotion purposes. Open proxies are used by everybody and very often these IP addresses are included into spam and blacklists. Moreover, performance of such proxies leaves much to be desired.

Private proxies are the best solution in this case. This type of proxy is notable for high quality and stability and is only available for you and no one else.

They will be "clean" and will not get banned in social network. You can find many companies and plans providing private proxies for Instagram in our catalogue.

IPv4 or IPv6?

This social network fully supports IPv6, so it would make sense to use IPv6 proxies when using Instagram. They are considerably cheaper than IPv4 and if you require a huge number of proxies, it is worth opting for IPv6. 

However, it is worth noting that the risk of account blocking when using IPv6 proxies is significantly higher than when using IPv4 proxies provided you do the same things. This type of proxy is great for parsing and collecting data using technical accounts, the loss and blocking of which would not be a critical issue.

Instagram considers IPv4 addresses as more "trustworthy", i.e. reliable, and if the limits are respected, the risk of blocking and losing the account can be minimised. It is recommended to use IPv4 proxies for the purpose of multifollowing, and you should always follow the rule "one proxy, one account".

An important criterion is to divide the IP addresses into subnets. You should not use IPs coming from one subnet in a row. If possible, buy proxies with a range from different subnets and ISPs.

Number of accounts

A distinction is made between packet proxies and individual proxies. Batch proxies can be bought by those involved in traffic arbitrage, because they are capable of multithreading tasks. But if you're looking for the most secure, stable tool possible, individual proxies are the way to go. They will ensure smooth operation without failures, bans or other problems.

Written by Michael Zippo

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