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Ilary Blasi’s endless vacations, going to the beach with daughter Isabel

The presenter a few days ago had announced her return to Rome. It was a brief stopover before resuming her flight to a seaside destination, taking with her youngest daughter, sister Melory and granddaughters.

The divorce paperwork can wait. So Ilary Blasi continues her summer vacation and this time shows herself at the beach. Curious onlookers and loyal fans just have to follow her in her long wanderings. A few days ago she had posted a photo on Instagram with the words, "Back to Rome." What could have been interpreted as a definitive homecoming to deal with the necessary steps of the divorce, turned out to be just a necessary stop to make a change in the suitcase before taking off again. 

The presenter, after touching in this long summer Africa, her beloved Sabaudia, the mountains of Alto Adige and the Marche region of her roots, returned to Rome just long enough to pick up her youngest daughter, Isabel, and board a plane with her, her sister Melory and her nieces to a new destination, which seems to be Croatia. The landing was immortalized a few days ago, again from Instagram: one story showed her, shot from behind, descending the steps of an airplane holding hands with the very blond little girl. 

Then yesterday again a few more beautiful photos of her in a light cover-up facing the sea, of a carefully set table, of a plate of cut cherry tomatoes with a Croatian flag on the frond, of the girls on a floating table off a turquoise sea.

While the older kids are likely to have stayed with their dad, we are witnessing the remnants of a vacation in which Ilary Blasi must surely have been pondering the next steps in making her breakup with husband Francesco Totti official. All this while inferences and revelations have been going on for weeks, relaunched by some media outlets. Thus, in the certainty of a summer that the couple's children spent dividing their time between one and the other, there was talk of a furious Ilary Blasi after her husband was caught under the house of her alleged new flame (Noemi Bocchi), then of an equally furious Francesco Totti over text messages on his wife's cell phone sent by a personal trainer (Cristiano Iovino). Then someone insinuated the arrival of a new child for the former footballer, someone else brought up private investigators, still others summer meetings between Totti and Bocchi, vacationing close together but officially never photographed together, aboard a yacht to keep away from prying eyes. 

None of this has been confirmed or denied, nothing is certain except that the three boys deserve a quiet summer, even with their parents on the road to divorce. While waiting for developments, which will certainly come sooner or later, the protagonists remain silent, while the "well-informed" announce revealing and definitive interviews that will finally set all things straight. 

All that remains, then, is to watch, certain that the cross-accusations that have been talked about this summer only prove that the divorce settlement is nowhere near. 


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