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How to choose a bookmaker’s office for a beginner

The world’s betting market is growing steadily, and every year bookmakers see an increase in the number of users.  Many sports fans see betting as a way to make extra money, but a reliable site is essential. There are thousands of betting shops in the world, but choosing a company is a very responsible business.

One should not choose a betting company carelessly, as there is a risk of receiving less or total loss of money. Let’s consider the basic criteria that will help you to choose a betting office correctly.

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Reliability and regulation

Regardless of what your preferences are, and what you are looking for when choosing a betting company, reliability should be a priority. Doing business with unreliable companies means risking your money. Cases of fraud in this industry are quite common, and problems with the withdrawal of winnings are found in many companies. When choosing, pay attention to the following features:

  • Date and place of incorporation of the company. If a bookmaker’s office is registered in an offshore zone, such an organization cannot be considered reliable. Of course, there are exceptions, but many fraudulent betting offices are registered exactly in offshore zones, it is almost impossible to get money back from such companies in case of fraud.
  • Licence. It is forbidden for a bookmaker’s office to operate without a gambling licence. Therefore, if there is no information on the official website, one should not cooperate with such an organization. In addition, offshore licences do not inspire confidence either. The requirements to offshore companies are so soft that the authorisation for gambling activities may easily be obtained by swindlers.
  • Reputation. Be sure to check the bookmaker’s office on review sites. Make sure that the organisation has been in operation for a long time and there have been no significant claims against it. Check if there have been any major scandals with the organisation involving identity theft or non-payment of funds to players. We, in turn, publish honest bookmaker reviews, describing all the pros and cons – check out our Bookmaker Rating RSA Bet before settling on a particular bookmaker.

Thus, before you register with a betting company, carefully study the website and the players’ opinions. If a company is registered offshore, has an offshore licence, and betting enthusiasts complain about regular withdrawal problems – this is a signal not to cooperate with such a company.

A bookmaker’s office that can be trusted must have at least 5 years of experience. Fraudulent projects rarely last more than 1-2 years. An office should have a good reputation, and negative reviews of its activities should be rare (no one has a perfect reputation). The official website should have company registration and license information, and the documents should ideally be obtained in a reliable jurisdiction (e.g. an EU country).


Once you have selected your trustworthy bookmakers, you can look at other indicators. First and foremost, it’s about the odds. The odds of a bookmaker are the number by which your bet will be multiplied if you win. You can also check How to Pick the Best Laptop. The logic is simple: the higher the odds for the same event, the correspondingly higher the winnings of the user who placed a bet of a particular size on a particular event.

The odds in the bookmakers’ offices depend on the margin. A bookmaker’s margin is the percentage of profit the company keeps for itself. The higher the margin, the higher the odds at the bookmaker’s office.

There is only one way to choose a bookmaker by this parameter. You have to select the same events at several companies which you consider to be reliable and look at the odds. If one of the bookmakers stands out from the others, this is a definite plus in its favour.


Another important selection criterion is the line offered by the bookmaker’s office. This indicator is especially important if you are planning to bet not on one particular sport, but on a few. It’s also clear: the more events and options the bookmaker offers, the more chances the user has to build the best express or system, or choose the best odds.

The line should be compared according to three main indicators:

  • Number of sports. As a rule, bookmakers offer 25-30 different sports, as well as non-sports. It is possible to settle for fewer types, if you are not interested in netball and curling, for example. However, some betting companies do not offer the possibility to bet on e.g. boxing, martial arts and motorsport.
  • Number of tournaments, fights, competitions. Almost all bookmakers’ offices offer a wide range of tournaments only for football, others are treated as secondary. However, even in the case of football, some championships may remain out of the bookmaker’s area of interest. So you have to at least roughly estimate which tournaments will be of interest to you.
  • The number of selections in the matches. It is worth paying attention to this factor, because every bookmaker’s office has a different line. For example, some betting companies do not have such variants of outcomes on football, such as “both scores and total” or “winner of the match and total”, although they are very popular bets in this sport.
  • Thus, the line is also a key selection indicator, but it is also very subjective. Here, it all depends on the player’s strategy and preferred sports.

What else should I look for when choosing a bookmaker?

Apart from the three fundamental criteria, which you will have to pay attention to when choosing a betting office, there are also other parameters. In particular, you have to pay attention to the technical support. It is advisable to find information in the reviews about how quickly it reacts to problems and whether it really solves them. Also, make sure the company has a sufficient number of communication methods – e-mail, chat, messengers, phone number, etc.

The number of deposit and withdrawal methods is also very important for users, especially in today’s world where new payment methods are developing rapidly. A company should support at least bank cards. It is also worth paying attention to the number of e-wallets, the possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds via cryptocurrencies. When choosing, the amount of transfer fees and transaction processing time are also important.

An additional plus for the bookmaker’s office is the bonus policy. The more promotions and bonuses a company offers, the more interesting it is for the client. And the bonuses should not only be welcome bonuses. The company should also run promotions in order to maintain interest among players who have previously opted for it.

Written by Michael Zippo

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