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How much was Montague William 3rd net worth: the story of eccentric banker

Montague William 3rd net worth

Montague William 3rd, also known as Monty, was a British eccentric and socialite who gained notoriety for his outlandish behavior and extravagant lifestyle. In this article, we will delve into Montague William 3rd's biography, early years, parents, family, career, net worth, and income sources.


Montague William 3rd was born on January 22, 1905, in London, England. He was the only child of Montague William Burton, the founder of the Burton retail chain, and his wife Sophia. Monty was educated at Eton College and Trinity College, Cambridge, but he did not complete his studies.

Early Years

Monty's upbringing was one of privilege and wealth. His father, Montague William Burton, was a successful businessman who founded the Burton retail chain, which specialized in men's clothing. Monty was raised in a grand mansion in London and was given every advantage that money could buy.

Parents and Family

Monty's parents were Montague William Burton and Sophia. His father was a successful businessman who founded the Burton retail chain, and his mother was a socialite. Monty never married or had children.


Monty William 3rd was best known for his eccentric behavior and extravagant lifestyle. He was a regular fixture in the gossip columns of the British press, where he was often described as the "world's richest bachelor." Monty was known for his love of expensive cars, yachts, and private jets. He was also a collector of rare books, antiques, and artwork.

Montague William 3rd Net Worth

Monty William 3rd's net worth is difficult to estimate as he was notoriously secretive about his finances. However, it is believed that he inherited a significant fortune from his father's retail empire. His extravagant lifestyle was financed by his inheritance and investments.

To break it down, here is a table showing Monty William 3rd's income sources:

Income Source Estimated Income
Inheritance Unknown
Investments Unknown
Total Unknown

In conclusion, Montague William 3rd was a British eccentric and socialite who lived a life of luxury and excess. His net worth was undoubtedly significant, but the exact amount is difficult to estimate. Monty's life and legacy continue to fascinate people around the world, and his name will forever be associated with the excesses of the rich and famous.

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