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Has Justin Bieber just found a cure for acne?

Has Justin Bieber just found a cure for acne?

Apparently there is an excellent skin-cleansing system behind the apparent madness of applying star-shaped stickers to one's face.

Justin Bieber has to face the three great certainties of life like any ordinary mortal: taxes, death and acne. Over the years, Bieber has had a turbulent relationship with his epidermis and, like everyone else, has been attacked by acne both as a teenager and as an adult. His wife, Hailey Bieber, even admitted in a 2020 Facebook video interview that she crushed her husband's blackheads in an attempt to help him have 'perfect, glowing skin'. Despite the grisly satisfaction of intervening on one's skin impurities in person or through someone one loves, Bieber has found a more functional alternative: small black star-shaped stickers. It sounds like a strange fad, but it's not.

Formulated by US beauty brand Starface, the stickers are clinically proven to dramatically reduce blemishes overnight. 'There's great magic inside each patch,' Kara Brothers, president of Starface, explains to GQ. "Our original Hydro-Stars are made with 100 per cent hydrocolloid, a material that helps absorb fluid and reduce the appearance of inflammation, perfect when you have a particularly purulent pimple that needs flattening." They also help prevent post-acneal scarring. A true triumph on every front!

Starface is not only designed for superficial pimples. "We also created Hydro-Stars + Salicylic Acid, an ingredient that helps dissolve dead skin cells and unclog pores," explains Kara Brothers. These elements actively tackle pimples, the really annoying, inflamed ones that seem destined to ruin your life, and act as an effective preventative before they surface. There is another reason why Brothers has taken this unusual approach to fighting acne. "We at Starface have an attitude opposite to common feeling: our patches are the antithesis of invisible treatments and want to turn pimples into an opportunity for personal expression and not something to hide," he explains. "A solution like this is rooted in optimism and positive thinking and we help people feel more confident and secure, radically changing their relationship with acne."

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