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Game Dev Story Hardware Engineer

How to hire a hardware engineer?

You have to train someone who should already be level 5 in all areas of work. Use the replacement book you buy from the seller to change your profession. Once you reach career level 5, one option becomes a hardware engineer.

You have to win the first prize at least once. So read the art about the monkey ran away (I’m not kidding), she ran away to the zoo or something, but she loves playing video games. When you find this artillery look, I’ll use the Hollywood Agant. Once you get the apps, you can hire a monkey !!! Hardware engineer.

There are 8 different professions in total with different pros and cons, including making hyper casual games in Unity. Some require specific release conditions, but all employees start with a specific job. Each career can be upgraded to level 5.

Each employee can have ranks in all professions, but only one is active at a time. Most employees have previous experience in one or more occupations other than active careers.

Career Prerequisites Focus Skill sets Notes
Fun Creativity Graphics Sound Debugging
Coder Debugging + + + + ++ Focuses on Coding Stat, needed for Director
Writer Proposal ++ ++ + + + Focuses on Scenario Stat, needed for Director
Designer Alpha + ++ ++ + + Focuses on Graphics Stat, needed for Producer
Snd. Eng. Beta + ++ + ++ + Focuses on Sound Stat, needed for Producer
Director Level 5 Coder and Writer Proposal &
+++ +++ + + +++ Needed for Hardware Engineer
Producer Level 5 Designer and Snd.Eng. Alpha & Beta + +++ +++ +++ + Needed for Hardware Engineer
Hard. Eng. Level 5 Director and Producer Console Creation + +++ + + +++ Needed to create new consoles.
Only Chimpman Z. Force starts with this career.
Hacker Level 5 Hard. Eng. All +++ +++ +++ +++ +++ Very high stats for everything. The downsides are their cost and that they cannot be used to create a console.

However, when you try to hire new employees, you cannot find anyone who is a hardware engineer. For this reason, you are unable to develop your own game console. Has anyone come up with a way to do this? I am wondering if this is based on play time only and you need to wait until the default console loop is over before you can create your own. Right now, the PlayStatus 2 is the latest generation gaming console.


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