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Deva Cassel: divine and feline!

Remember his first name. At 17, the eldest daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel took her first steps in the spotlight. Result: between two revisions, the high school student became the youngest ambassador of the Cartier house. And found the time to pose in front of our lens.

First of all, we need parental consent. It’s not every day that a fashion series begins with parental approval, nor that the two necessary signatures are those of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel respectively. Feverish expectation of the answer for two long weeks. “They are in agreement”, we are told laconically by SMS one day in April. Relief for the team. Deva, barely 17, has her father’s piercing gaze and her mother’s allure. Deva, 1m78 of charm sprinkled with impeccable education, has a first name that sings like the language that rocked her and which in Sanskrit means “goddess”. Obviously.

Not classic, Cassel

The shooting begins, and we look at this young woman barely out of childhood on whom makeup seems superfluous. Her diaphanous skin and jet-black hair betray her Mediterranean origins. With her sister Léonie, six years her junior, they grew up between Paris, Rome and Rio. “My father’s favorite city,” she laughs, looking at her freshly painted nails. We started going there on vacation and then the whole family moved there for two years. I loved the experience. The result of this family globe-trotting fever? Deva speaks four languages: French, Italian, English, Portuguese, and knows the world inside out.

Today, it is in Paris that she has (temporarily) put down her suitcases, to pass her baccalaureate and live the life of a “normal” teenager. But how to be classic when your name is Cassel? She admits it herself: “I have very open parents who gave me great freedom which I was able to take advantage of while being very responsible. At 14, for example, she was already traveling alone to regularly visit her best friend in Lithuania. “Once you have the travel virus, it is difficult to get rid of it. »

At the start of the school year, Paris is over. She planned to follow her student boyfriend and settle down with him in New York for a few months. “A gap year to take stock and decide what I really want. “Not yet major and already this need to ask? “When I was younger, I didn’t want to make movies. This job did not appeal to me at all. I’m thinking about it more and more seriously. I’m coming slowly. My parents advise me but encourage me to make my own choices. If Deva is still looking, others seem to have decided for her and already see her as a star in the making. Cartier has thus made her its youngest ambassador this year for its “Indomptable” line and the 7th art is making serious appeals to her. Can we talk about a project? Not really. We learn that it will be filming next September but that, for the moment, we do not prefer to talk about it. Anyway, with such a pedigree, we bet that the first of the three Cassel daughters will quickly make a name for herself.

Author: Michael Zippo
[email protected]

Sources: VanityFair, IO Donna


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