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Blake Lively wears grandma’s wallpaper on her nails

Blake Lively's latest manicure looks like granny's wallpaper and, at first glance, quite old-fashioned. But we can imagine that this is exactly what will become trendy, and we're on board.

Where do you get your manicure inspiration? While many of us are drawn to seasonal pine greens, dark reds and berries in autumn and winter, nail artists get their ideas not only from nature, but also from art, music, fashion and architecture. Blake Lively, on the other hand, is inspired by … wallpaper.

Blake Lively wears grandma's wallpaper on her nails

Blake Lively wears grandma's wallpaper on her nails

In her Instagram stories, Blake Lively posted a picture of her fresh manicure. On it: oval nails with floral nail art in mustard, maroon and green tones. The actress calls the design "Antique Grandma Wallpaper". And well, that's exactly what it looks like. The new design, for which she thanked celebrity nail stylist Elle Gerstein, may remind you of an old 70s-style brocade wallpaper, but it suits Blake Lively just fine.  

In her post, Blake Lively mentioned House of Hackney, a British interior, fashion and lifestyle brand known for its patterned prints, suggesting that her manicure was inspired by one of the brand's wallpapers. 

Even though the manicure looks a bit unexpected at first glance, the more we look at it, the more we think the look is pretty cool. And somehow we now feel like thinking outside the box and getting inspired by all kinds of things for the next manicure. For example, how about the Ugly Christmas jumper for the festive season?


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