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Ashley Graham at the Oscars 2023: This is how the model counters Hugh Grant’s embarrassing behavior during the interview

On the "red" carpet of the Oscars 2023 Ashley Graham tried to conduct an interview with Hugh Grant – without much success. But she doesn't let the actor's strange behavior throw her off her game.

The Oscars 2023 went by without any major incidents – no "slap", no fake winning film and hardly any speeches cut short by the music. The biggest extraneous moment was delivered to us by Hugh Grant before the event even officially started. On the "red" carpet, which was champagne-colored this year, presenter Ashley Graham wanted to interview rom-com hero Hugh Grant. However, the latter was not particularly talkative that evening and Ashley Graham could only elicit a few sentences from the actor. But although the whole interview must have been terribly uncomfortable for Ashley Graham – she remained calm and professional. 

Even an annoyed Hugh Grant can't expose Ashley Graham 

The interview between Ashley Graham and Hugh Grant starts relatively normally. The model, who was hosting for the American channel abc on the red carpet that night, praised Hugh Grant as an Oscar veteran and then asked him what his favorite part of the Oscars was. The actor seems surprised by the question, answering, "All of humanity is here. It's 'Vanity Fair'."

Ashley Graham, of course, was thinking of the Vanity Fair aftershow party and responded by saying, "Yeah, it's where we can finally let loose and have fun." But it's more likely that Hugh Grant was alluding to the 1848 book of the same name.

A bumpy start, but from this point on the interview only gets worse. Hugh Grant suddenly seems annoyed. When Ashley Graham asks the "Love Actually" star who he's most looking forward to tonight, he just replies snappishly, "No one special." For a short moment Ashley Graham seems to be irritated, too – that's why she asks a very simple question next: "What are you wearing tonight? Once again Hugh Grant answers briefly: "My suit". When asked who it was from, the actor doesn't back down and just says it's from his tailor. 

But Ashley Graham is not impressed by this either. She tries another strategy. The model asks about his film "Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery," which is also nominated for an Academy Award at the Oscars. "Oh, I'm hardly in it," Hugh Grant explains dismissively. "I appear for about three seconds". The ever-smiling Ashley Graham doesn't give up and probes that he must have had fun anyway. At that moment, Hugh Grant actually rolls his eyes and says, "Um, almost." 

Ashley Graham couldn't have conducted the interview with Hugh Grant any better   

Then, as Hugh Grant seemingly rolls his eyes, Ashley Graham ends the interview. With a non-vanishing enthusiasm and a broad smile, she declares, "It's been a pleasure talking to you. "Hugh Grant seems a bit surprised by the abrupt ending and even raises his eyebrows suggestively. 

Especially on Twitter, there was a big wave of complaints towards Hugh Grant and his behavior right after the interview. Most seemed to be on Ashley Graham's side and praised her professional behavior, while Hugh Grant simply behaved impossibly. 

The most common question asked is, "Why did Hugh Grant agree to the interview in the first place?" No one has found an answer yet. Ashley always had a smile on her face and kept the live interview incredibly professional considering the circumstances. We applaud Ashley Graham for her professional performance. As one Twitter user commented,

"Ashley Graham deserves an honorary Oscar for putting up with Hugh Grant." 



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