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Anya Taylor-Joy: the new “Queen of Chess” style hair look with a brown bob

The “Last Night in Soho” star drastically changes her hairstyle and goes from blonde mermaid hair to a French bob cut with bowl cut bangs. Just like Beth Harmon, but in a different shade. Anya Taylor-Joy welcomes the summer with a new transformation.

In her latest post on Instagram she amazes everyone with a brown hairstyle that is very reminiscent of her character Beth Harmon in the series that made her famous. And the question is obvious: upcoming sequels?

Anya Taylor-Joy, the new brown bob with fringe

The long mermaid hair in platinum color is now just a memory. The protagonist of “Last Night in Soho” has decided to drastically change her look and color and get back to the hairstyle that made her famous in the Netflix series “The Chess Queen”.

In her latest post on her Instagram, the 26-year-old actress poses with her boyfriend Malcolm McRae wearing a shiny new helmet. Very short and in a coppery brown nuance that immediately recalls that of his vintage character of Beth Harmon.
The micro bob in “dulce de leche” color

The ultra smooth bob has a flatter and brighter texture, with the tips slightly rounded inwards. But it remains virtually identical in the cut just below the ears.

In the game of “find the differences” one cannot fail to notice the decidedly less warm color than that of the first season of the series inspired by the 1983 novel by Walter Tavis. Among the many appreciation for the new look that suggests the return of Beth Harmon , someone comments on hair coloring: «Dulce de leche hair».

The French bowl cut bangs

The final touch of this French bob is the bowl cut fringe with the half-brow margin and the locks around the face that go down vertically as in a comic from yesteryear.

Extremely ironed and in perfect pendent with the shade of the eyebrows, the bangs are so flawless that they look like a wig. After all, even the clothes worn in the photo give hope that perhaps the sequel to “The Queen of Chess” is boiling in the pot.

In 2021, producer William Horberg said the story was perfect, but he may have changed his mind. We just have to wait and hope.

Author: Michael Zippo
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Sources: Beeple, IO Donna

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