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Andrew Tate and the ultra-toxic Alpha Male Movement

Andrew Tate and the ultra-toxic Alpha Male Movement preach sexism and violence against women on TikTok and Co. – and that's why it's so dangerous. The Alpha Male Movement and its figurehead Andrew Tate are not just a digital trend on TikTok, but a real threat to women and girls worldwide – and that is far from being taken seriously enough. We explain who and what is behind the movement and where the dangers lie.

That's how menacing Andrew Tate, the Alpha Male Movement and his followers on Tiktok really are for women

"I'll take out the machete and smack her in the face and hold her neck very tight!" In this way and no other, says Andrew Tate, leader of the so-called Alpha Male, in his viral TikTok video, you make a woman docile when she cheats on you. Incidentally, for the former kickboxer, “cheating” already means mere eye contact with another man. Because: According to Andrew Tate, alpha males dominate – and above all, they don't let a woman dance on their noses.

Andrew Tate and the Alpha Male Movement: That's what they promote in their videos

These videos by Tate and countless others are liked, shared, saved and viewed by millions on TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, mostly by men – and boys. In addition to instructions on how to oppress women, the Alpha Males also give instructions on how to become one yourself. In doing so, they reflect on a long-outdated image of men: that of the breadwinner, protector, leader, and aggressor. This is toxic masculinity at its finest.

Some are shocked by what they see and hear in these videos. Others enthusiastically agree, finally feeling understood and confirmed, while others smile at the alpha males when they are only able to stutter out half-sentences due to aggression. And that's probably the worst reaction of all. Not taking these men seriously is a big mistake that can cost lives if in doubt – and nobody does anything about it.

TikTok trend: This is why Andrew Tate and Alpha Male Movement are so dangerous

It's pure hatred, the deepest contempt and disgust that comes out when you watch these TikTok videos and read the comments below. This isn't just a bunch of lost, frustrated misogynists who have discovered the power of the internet.

Andrew Tate and the ultra-toxic Alpha Male Movement

The Alpha Males is a movement that is taking on international proportions thanks to social media. Andrew Tate has successfully rallied behind him an army of lonely, angry men who blame women for their own failures and failings. Of course, because they themselves, the ones who dominate, can't be at fault. Statements about how women are there to serve men are still the most harmless. Many encourage their followers to use physical violence against women as a legitimate means of controlling them. Rape is particularly popular.

Of course you can say that these are nothing more than empty threats and swipe on. But it is not that easy. We make it too easy for ourselves when we think that things that are said and written on the net only stay there; that they disappear as soon as we close the app. We do not have a digital and a “real” me. The digital is real. Very real.

Men like Andrew Tate radicalize other men and boys. Women and girls confirm this on social media. They report how much their partner's behavior has changed in a negative, worrying way since consuming alpha male content. Andrew Tate is the prime example that this isn't just testosterone-laden bullshit. He himself is being watched by the authorities on suspicion of sex trafficking – and he makes no secret of that. The reason he fled to Romania was that the police there don't take rapes so seriously. He's been described as the most dangerous man on social media right now – yet his content is lazily blocked.

Andrew Tate: Instagram and Twitter will suspend Alpha Male Movement leader's account in August 2022

On August 19, 2022, Twitter and Instagram finally responded and deleted Andrew Tate's account. How long will the self-proclaimed leader of the Alpha Males and founder of Hustler's University remain banned? – Not clear. Unfortunately, it's probably too late anyway: Because like a hydra, messages from his followers and fake accounts with Andrew Tate's name are now popping up, praising him as a "good guy", as someone who finally understands the problems of men in the world accepts, does not allow himself to be silenced and who gets to the heart of the truth with sexist half-sentences.

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