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Andrew Garfield, Men of the Year 2022 of British GQ in total black

Andrew Garfield does not accept the same old rules on how to dress. No one does, actually. So when classicists claim that black is the colour of those who dress in mourning, we say: au contraire! Total black is a casual approach to wearing black tie and is a perfect interpretation of the style for British GQ's MOTY 2022.

In Garfield's case, it was Ralph Lauren Purple Label: the symbol of the American designer's vast empire stretching from coast to coast across the United States. And it was black: deep black, pitch black, 'the money is in the briefcase' black.

Andrew Garfield, Men of the Year 2022 of British GQ in total black

This is just one of the many criticisms levelled at fashion in recent times. Dolce & Gabbana, the main supplier of clothes for the best Sicilian parties outside Palermo, have long offered black dresses that are elegant, traditional and sexy at the same time. In the new guard, Givenchy, under the stewardship of Matthew Williams, has lowered the sleeve level and blackened its palette. Finally, at Prada High, the typical Catholic schoolboy uniform (ideally with some nylon triangles) prevails for yet another season.

So, to punch up your hot pink, Garfield hit the mark with black.


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